Just a thought here. I went to the local Starbuck's this morning and was greeted by a couple of surprises:

a. banana bread has changed its size, from something flat and manageable to a cute little loaf form. I'm ok with that, although it did not taste as good as the previous type, but it was more moist than the other kind, so we'll see how that goes. So that's not a bad change per se'.

b. ALL PASTRIES are now HEATED! Really? That's a bit too dictatorial for my liking since I never get my chocolate croissant heated EVER. Why? Because the chocolate runs everywhere and I can never recall Howard offering to pay for my $65 slacks that got ruined twice by a leaking croissant. I did get some free coffee, but that's the extent of the help cycle there. So while I can see why they might want to heat things up, customers are more likely to love you if you offer them a choice between HOT and COLD pastries.

c. the pink bags are...really boring and it's almost as if you're in the midst of yet another brand shift and we've finally gotten use to the current one and look for it everywhere. now when we drive down the freeway do we have to guess where the local Starbuck's is by seeking out a PINK SIGN? Or is this limited to the bags only?

Just tossing out some fuel for the fire of discussion out there on the web. Thanks for dropping in and reading.