The perfect mousetrap

Went to see Mom this morning. I noticed as I walked in that a room in the building wing was being repainted. 

It was not hers but that of another resident. Turns out his family came and took him home, realizing his time was short and a couple of days later he passed.

People always speak of "the perfect mousetrap". They look so hard to build it and yet they don't realize that we exist within it.

Life is in itself "the perfect mouse trap". If you look at it from a broader perspective you'll see what I mean. We're all here in this maze, wandering around, doors open, doors close, cars drive around, planes fly, etc...and eventually we all leave this maze after we die.

Death is the great equalizer. You can know with 100% certainty that you or someone you know will crossover at some point. Today, tomorrow, 10, 20, 30, 40 years from some point we all leave. There's no changing that unless the creator comes down and decides to shift the paradigm on us.

So...why do we choose to live as we do and not enjoy the moments we have in this "mousetrap"? That's the question to ponder and see if you can find the answer to it. For when you do, you'll achieve a level of consciousness and understanding broader than anyone else in the sphere.

There's no right or wrong answer. There's just answers and then more questions as we wind our way through the maze.

The passing of my Father in May 2013 enlightened me to much. As his time to leave drew nearer there were things he did, things he said, things he shared which humbled me in many ways. Allowed me to see more of who he was, how he was, and how deeply his teachings in my life affected how I was in this lifetime. It humbled me. It also made me see more clearly this life and to more greatly appreciate that which we have here. The friendships, relationships, interactions, adversaries, etc...All of it.

I hope along your path that you have the opportunity or the blessing as I see if of being enlightened as I was and looking deeper at the connections you have to source, the connections which flow between all of us and every single solitary object which we can see...and cannot see in our existence here. It's all a work of art, a masterpiece, and while we exist within the perfect mousetrap called life, what's on the other side of it is so much broader than our current selves can comprehend, that when the time is right we'll have an even deeper appreciation and love of what we were in this lifetime when it's our time to crossover into the next existence.

Happy Thursday.