Brian Williams Suspended...Really?

It's interesting to hear the Breaking News this evening 2/10/15: Brian Williams Suspended for 6 months without pay.

WOW!! Bravo NBC!!! I'll bet that took a lot of effort to get done. Now, what does that really mean for Mr. Williams? Not a damn thing. He gets an unpaid vacation for 6 months.

What NBC should do is look at his total net worth, what he makes per year and take 1 years salary, multiply it times 5 and take that money from his benefits accounts and his pocket and donate that to Veteran's organizations so that they are compensated for this joke of a story that has been told for the past 12 years.

NBC, it's 12 years! It's NOT 1 instance. It's been an ongoing theme for the past 12 years and also may have been done in other circumstances/stories besides the helicopter one. This man does NOT belong in our living rooms ever again. He doesn't belong on Saturday Night Live or the Jimmy Fallon show or other tv shows where his name, his image, etc are shown to people who trusted him to bring the truth always and an unbiased 

If you look at: he's listed as one of the richest celebrities out there. He's going to write a book about this whole adventure and will get a multimillion dollar contract for that. He's going to make millions while he's out on this "vacation".

If I were the HEAD CHEESE at NBC Universal, I would look at what this incident has cost my network, and what the potential future impacts would be, and I would cut Mr. Williams loose to go somewhere else. He will not be trusted in News again, and your network will not benefit from his services going forward. Our military does not trust him and it's apparent based on the amount of coverages this has received.

Stop wasting the public's time on this. I as a US NAVY DISABLED VETERAN call on EVERY single sponsor of NBC that has VETERANS or Guard Personnel on staff, or those who've been called up whose positions are being held open for them to PULL their support of NBC and ALL of its investments everywhere until such time as you let this man go through a door with a pink slip.

So, how about it? Stephen B. Burke, CEO of NBC Universal. Do you have what it takes to call your board together to make this decision?

You've lost tons of credibility. I question every news broadcast. I used to watch NBC news exclusively. I've switched to ABC news. To hell with CNN, they're just there for ratings and their news coverage sucks better than Dyson's vacuums.

Sir, I call on you to do the right thing and cut Brian Williams loose.


@nbc @abc @cbs @nbcla @cbsnews @nbcnews @abc7 @cnn - just in case anyone actually has the balls to take this to print or coverage. I am reachable.