Government Shutdown...

So, the thing that really gets me is this shutdown.

Is it really shut down? If so, send EVERYONE HOME. All of the security people, all of the cooks, all of the laundry people, sweepers, maintenance folks, etc. Send them ALL HOME.

Turn off the car services for those congress and senate folks. Make the judges take public transportation. Shut down the money printing presses, the banking system, shut everything down.

Don't turn off some of it and tell the people that the government is shut down. If the President and First Lady are running around town in a limo out having dinner somewhere with their motorcade...don't LIE to the people and say the government is "shut down".

Because in reality it isn't. Remove the Secret Service detail from the President if the government is shutdown. Remove all protections from all officials if everything is shutdown.

Don't expect people to work for you for free if we're shut down.

Board up Washington and let things begin to mold if we're really shut down.


Well Mr. Murdock, that suggestion that we do all of these things is simply idiotic. YOU'RE RIGHT!!!

But so is the suggestion that we've actually shut our government down. Because to do so abandons the founding principles of this country. Those who were fought for and bled for by those who founded this country.

Those who believed in a brighter future. Not those who stand behind one event and claim victory while children and veterans spend nights on the streets starving and who are without medical care even though a certain system is supposed to save them.

You people who wear the suits who claim to be the House and Senate of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, who spend hours ranting and raving for the media to get your minutes of fame and then vote with the other side...You need to get a fucking clue, because WE THE PEOPLE...We're SICK and TIRED of your crap.

You don't have the solutions. You have bastardized our system of government to pad your own damn pockets and leave the rest of us out of the picture. We loathe you. We don't admire you. You're not special. You're vermin who used the power of the vote to get into office and to screw with the rest of us.

Fix this shutdown situation soon or see what people can do when they bind together to form a unified front for change in the United States of America.

We the People of these United States of America...Remember those words. If you haven't read the parchment they're written on... I suggest you open that particular building and read them from start to finish and understand them because the winds of change are blowing and they're not looking favorably on Washington DC for any elections anytime soon.

Michael Murdock, US NAVY VETERAN