Tiffen...and Customer Support (SADLY LACKING)

You know it's not very often that I take the time to write about a company that has for no good reason been ignoring my requests for support, but once in a while...especially when it's for something that I believe in, I will speak up. Today...after many, many months of not only making phone calls, but posting on facebook and twitter, someone finally decides to respond to my request for info, but...the way they went about it showed me a big "FUCK YOU MR CUSTOMER" and that for me does not impress me. In fact. it pisses me off.

So @tiffentweets it's your turn in the hot seat. When a customer with a reputation and a mouth like mine asks you for support, you don't say: for future reference check our website
My original tweet via twitlonger was perfectly fair in nature being that I have sent multiple requests for information and heard nothing but crickets for you over the past year!!! Yes it's been longer than the 6 months I originally posted:

@Tiffentweets how come it's so hard to get good info from your techsupport people? I just want to buy a steadicam-smoothee for iphone 5S, and all I get from them is "We don't sell them, see a dealer". I ask where a dealer is and I get nothing but the sound of f-ing crickets back. It's enough to literally piss off the pope. I was told about an eval at one point, but never heard back from anyone. Now there don't appear to be any dealers in Huntington Beach, CA. So...how about a valid connection to one so that I can go buy one of these unless you have one I can eval/review and write about. Thanks.

Your people have been LACKING in the area known as Customer Support. The proper response would have been "Did you check our website? We have a search mechanism there which should show you a local dealer". Had they done that, I would have said, "Yes, I did check, however, nothing shows in this area, do you have a suggestion of where I might go". Not the crappy "in the future check our website". If the website worked in the first place, I'd never have tweeted or emailed anyone there.

Now, someone did post information about a dealer and I did get to one, but I am wondering why it took so long to get this information. I had emailed support when I could not find a local dealer with any inventory and never heard a peep back. I asked for a referral to another dealer...NOTHING.

When you want to treat someone with respect, you'll get that, but when you wave a big bird my way, I am going to publicly wave one your way and tell you to take a flying leap in a rolling donut in a crowded parking lot.

Your website search mechanism is OUT OF DATE. Your dealer info is not updated regularly and so to refer someone there for any reason is a disservice.

I was able to get the equipment that I was looking for today from a dealer locally who saved one for me and this was after UPS dropped me off a package. The package was from THE TIFFEN COMPANY!!! Who doesn't sell except through dealers!!! What was in the package? A SteadiCam for a GoPro!! WOW are your DEALERS gonna be pissed when they read this post.

Oh well!!! Tough shit. Next time, don't piss me off and you won't see things like this being published about your company.

Michael Murdock, CEO