YELP pulled my review of Arlington for "privacy concerns" - FUCK YOU YELP!

I say... "FUCK YOU YELP!"

According to YELPs FAQ:

  • Privacy: Don't publicize other people's private information. Please don't post close-up photos of other people without their permission, and please don't post other people's full names unless you're referring to service providers who are commonly identified by their full names"

I followed their guidance and didn't put names of people that DON'T EXIST. I put the real names because these are real people who families will deal with when they go to have their loved ones interred in Arlington National Cemetery. The PEOPLE's Cemetery. Not Arlington Administration's Cemetery. They WORK for the FAMILIES of those who have EARNED the RIGHT to be BURIED there. Yes, including myself. My review was posted over a month ago and it gave details as you'll see below and it was rated as 5 stars because those providing the ceremony made up for those who lacked the simple communication skills to get paperwork in order. It was a very fair assessment of the experience and what took place while we waited 3 months to bury my Father.

So for YELP to PULL something like this when there are other more GLARING reviews of people, products, services, just...ludicrous. My guess is the guy who pulled it is friends with some joker who chastised me for writing it yesterday and told me how great the current President was, etc., and that my Dad told her I was wrong for writing it, while in my head Dad was waving a BIG BIRD her way.

Anyway...if I write anymore I'll really get steamed. But since YELP PULLED THIS...I am reposting it for the entire web to read. YELP INCLUDED. If you want to close my account...PLEASE DO and KISS my US NAVY VETERAN ASS in the meantime.

Best regards and much love.

Michael Murdock, CEO

Begin forwarded message:

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NOV 13, 2013  |  02:14PM PST
Hi Michael,

We wanted to let you know that we've removed your review of Arlington National Cemetery because of privacy concerns. For more information about our Content Guidelines, please visit:

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Removed Content:
My review has two sides to it. One is the bad side, the other is the good one.

The bad one is that my Father who was listed as Catholic had his religion changed multiple times and almost had the wrong priest scheduled to preside over his funeral due to the inept handling of his paperwork from the time the funeral home made contact, until 1 week before the funeral at the time of shipping his body from California to Arlington.

Things that were missed and messed up multiple times were:

A. father's religion

B. Mother's Middle name. She did not have one, but she does have Alzheimer's so someone thought it would be funny to give her the middle name of Alshimers, even misspelling the disease. Our family was FAR from amused at this.

C. Headstone matters were missed completely and not handled until we were met at the Administration building by the cemetery rep who said "You never filled out the headstone information, and my reply was "Yes I did, here's my copy of what was faxed in".

The person handling our affairs, a Ms. Andrea Stevens kept ducking phone calls from myself as well as the funeral home, even to the point of saying she'd be at work when she was on a long vacation period. I was flaming mad at the lack of respect that the office staff holds toward our fallen service members. They should be ASHAMED of this.

Now, the GOOD SIDE.

My father was buried on August 27th, 2013 after passing in May 2013. There's a bit of a wait to get into the cemetery, but the ceremony provided him, his send off...was AMAZING.

The ceremony made up for the lack of respect shown by the Admin staff. The ceremony for him, a deceased LCDR in the US NAVY was sharp, precise, and with the dignity and respect due a man who served 3 tours in Vietnam, and served his country whenever it called upon him. The horses, the caisson, the Flag team, rifle team, band, bearers...STUNNING.

The 8 bearers...WOW, those guys are sharp and they honor their fallen service members in ways that...well the video is simply amazing to behold and something I will treasure forever.

For those who conducted the ceremony/burial...THANK YOU. To the Admin staff...I hope whoever reads this understands the pain and suffering and anguish you caused us waiting and watching your fumbling of details. It was NOT appreciated and something I truly hope you'll strive to correct.

And finally I am writing a letter to the President, as well as the Joint Chiefs so that they are aware of our feelings around this as more can be done to HONOR those who have passed as well as HONOR their families as we have sacrificed along the road to get them to Arlington and we damn well deserve better, as do those who've fallen.

God bless those who rest at Arlington National Cemetery, may you rest in peace knowing we've not given up preserving your dignity.


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