"What you're buying today is the greatest thing ever! Once you make your purchase you'll never need another thing again! I promise, it's the best!"

Uh...Sorry, but the bullshit detector just went off in a major way. ESPECIALLY after I bought that great thing, you tell me that "you need a theme to go with it" oh and once you've bought that you need to get on this webinar that will teach you how to use it. Now that the webinar is on and you've signed up to receive our crap in your mailbox and we'll sell your name off to others so your level of spam will increase...the webinar will not teach you how to use the tool you just bought. Why? Because you have plenty of training for that on that site. We're going to talk to you about this other thing and we have an expert on the line who will walk you through how to do all this stuff step by step and it's the greatest thing ever and you'll never need anything else and oh by the way at the end of the webinar we're going to pitch you to buy another $1,000 worth of stuff on top of the initial $60 you spent buying the greatest thing ever along with the theme required to get the greatest thing ever working and of course you don't need to buy the $1,000 worth of stuff, but if you don't, well then you'll never get the results that we told you that you'd get using the greatest thing that we sold you in the first place so you're now screwed.

Does anyone else find this crap misleading?

There are so many of these marketers out there putting out crap that claim to be the best, the greatest, the end all...You're all LYING. You're not the end all. You're not the best, and if there's truly a way to make money using this crap, please be honest and say exactly what it is, step by step from ground zero.

Step 1, buy a domain

Step 2, install wordpress

Step 3, go hire this copyrighter for this many $$'s because they wrote all my crap and I didn't

Step 4, go hire this designer because none of the things I recommend you to buy are mine but I didn't know how to say that so I lied

Step 5, go hire this social media person to promote your site for this much because I don't know how they work their magic so I hire them.

Step 6, go hire this person to do this thing, etc...

NONE of these people do this. If they ever did, they'd be screwed, so they lie, they mislead, they wish to tell you the next big thing because the big thing they just roped you into doesn't really work without all these extra things that cost way beyond what you initially spent.

Sad but true.

Anyway, just sharing a little hindsight after purchasing yet another one of those things that's supposed to 'do it all' and then being roped into what is in the large paragraph at the top of this page.

Of course I did not get suckered into what they were selling because thank GOD I got into SEO long before some of those people were born, so no worries there, but still it pisses me off that people sell you one thing, then another thing, then another thing all because it's the greatest when in fact it's not, they know it, and they're just jerking you around.

Something to think about when you're crafting that next big thing/seminar/product/etc...some of us will be watching you and calling your butt onto the carpet when it's NOT "The Greatest thing ever and you'll never need another thing like it".

Have fun coming up with a WINNER...not a WEINER!!! (no reference to Anthony Weiner meant or implied on ANY LEVEL).

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Warm regards,

Michael E. Murdock, CEO