A Social Media Challenge With a WIN-WIN

Okay, so for those of you following me, you know I am raising money to pay Mom’s bills off and looking to finish that fundraising off by 11AM tomorrow morning when she is buried at Arlington National Cemetery with my Father.

The total amount of the fundraising is $20,000.00. Right up to now, over the past month 50 people have contributed to this cause and helped raise just under $2,500.00. 

So here’s where the challenge comes in. There are many Social Media Gurus out there who claim they know their markets, have followers that do things at the drop of a hat when asked, etc…Now’s your chance to show the world what you have, who really knows their stuff, who has the most influence, and who can get people motivated quickly. In the end, if you’re successful getting your people to help you win this, your business will benefit far beyond the amount of this fundraising. I guarantee you that.

My Challenge to you is to get each of those followers to donate just $5.00 to this fundraising campaign, and in the comments section when they make their donation, mention referred by: (your name)

And the GURU with the most people donating once the goal has been reached or exceeded, I will post tweets and facebook postings, linkedIN postings, about your business and mention it in discussions with connections and such for the next 12 months time.

That’s the WIN for you and the WIN for me and actually the WIN for Mom so she can rest in peace knowing all is well here.

IS there ANYONE out there willing to accept that challenge? Do you think your followers will help you with this? After all, you’re asking them to give up their Starbucks for 1 day!!!! What do you think?

And of course if anyone has a celebrity friend who wants to do this all in one jump, the time is until 11AM EST tomorrow, by the time Mom’s on her way into the ground in Arlington, I want to honor her by having attained this goal.

Yes, people can donate ANONYMOUSLY as well, just in the comments mention REFERRED BY and put the name of the GURU who told you about this.

I know someone out there as 4000 people who can do this, I just want to see who will step up and do something for a great cause. My Mother at age 84 was physically, mentally, and financially abused where she was living. I moved her to safety, and she passed away within 3 months of that move. If she’d been able to speak for herself, and defend herself, she’d probably have killed the people who did the abuse because Italians liker her take crap from no one. I don’t desire to see or hear of ANYMORE abuse of Elderly, especially those widows of Veterans which My Mother was, and even behind the curtain of Alzheimer’s she was present, but not enough to speak out against this. Once this campaign is done, my life begins anew, but part of that anew will be for me to be a voice against the mistreatment of these treasures of our country and our world. They DESERVE BETTER.

In advance, I thank you, I appreciate you, and I ask for God to send blessings down from the heavens onto all of you and your families for all time.


I will update progress as things happen on facebook & twitter as well.

Here’s the LINK which you need to send people to:  http://www.gofundme.com/burymom 

I look forward to seeing who has the most juice with their peeps.

Michael Murdock, CEO
DocMurdock.com (website being redone bit by bit)