Cloud Computing? My A**!

So the thing that everyone is bragging about is cloud computing. Well today in the midst of a discussion with a City Government agency in another state I went to retrieve an email and pdf file from the lovable cloud known as GMAIL and much to my chagrin, surprise, whatever you want to call it...the CLOUD crapped on my parade.

So it's always fun to think that one day everything will be hunky-dory and that cloud computing will totally replace the need for a desktop computer, laptop computer, series of flash drives, dvd's backups, etc, but that day has just displayed that it is far from arriving.

What's really surprising is that with ALL of the redundancy that company should have in place, with all the backup systems, with all of the really cool gadgetry that Google has, even they experience a lack of service.

My questions to Google are:

A. Where's the failover?

B. Where's the redundancy?

C. Where's the Beef!

Okay now YAHOO, here's where you can capitalize with statistics that show you don't lock your users out of your email, but I doubt that Bartz has the stones to step up and cross swords with the GBOYS over their lack of email responsiveness at this point in time.

Those are my thoughts on the matter and of course they know better, they're valued at billions right? How much money did this outage cost users around the globe that are dependent on 'GMAIL'? and when will google reimburse them for it? (About the same time Microsoft reimburses users for Outlook outages due to email preview launching malware attacks on computers running Windows) NEVER!

So please take the CLOUD and blow it away for now until such time as it's NOT DOWN.



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