Color doesn't matter...or does it?

This past week the news has been rocked by the story of #RachelDolezal a person born of two white parents who says "I identified as being black". 

My question is, HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE? You know nothing of the struggle of black people. You know nothing of being deprived as many black people are, you know nothing of having to walk the streets, sign up for various programs and hope your situation warrants you getting assistance for your family. You know NOTHING of being turned down for employment based on your skin color. YOU'RE WHITE!

As a white person who grew up around the globe (in the South Pacific & South China & Philippine Sea areas), I've seen many people of many colors having to deal with many issues. Now, a person who is white has basically snowballed the entire country into believing that she's not of her birth color. Have you seen her parents? GOD BLESS THEM for not executing her under any law for shaming her family as others have done in this country and around the world.

My questions are more around a legal nature. People in this country fight to get benefits and qualify for various programs. Did Ms. Dolezal at ANY time apply for and get approved for any assistance programs in the United States which were only for those who are black? If so, then she lied and she should be held accountable as those programs state when you sign that you are doing so under penalty of perjury, etc.

Now that she is getting her 15mins and then some of fame on the basis of a lie, how does that set the clock back even further? I can see MLK turning over in his grave saying "A WHITE WHAT????" "COME ON PEOPLE!!! I DIDN'T DIE FOR THIS!!"

I look at her and I see a white woman. She's not a dress which was created of black and blue yet people see white & gold. She is a WHITE WOMAN BORN OF WHITE PARENTS WHO LIED. If anyone else did this, you'd hold them accountable. Hold her accountable and lock her butt up in jail for lying and deceiving because that's exactly what she did.

What she did would be like me stepping up and saying "I AM BLACK, SO YOU NEED TO GIVE ALL YOUR MONEY HERE":

I will NOT do that because it would not be right. I have much too much respect for blacks and all that they go through now, have gone through over the years that I have been alive, and how much they'll go through in the future as a result of this woman and her deceit.

Wake Up America!!!! PLEASE!!! COLOR DOES MATTER!!! BE PROUD of WHO YOU ARE & WHO YOU WERE BORN AS. But do stop the barriers between colors because those are not productive. This woman did not break barriers, she made people more suspicious by lying and cheating the system.

Lastly, if she entered a University and on her application and all her documentation claimed she was black, she should have her degree revoked because she did not enter and complete her studies in integrity with the University standards.

Thanks for taking time to read & God Bless Us All.

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