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I have to share something that really tweaks me. The Supreme Court ruling...God have mercy on them for all the things that they do when they do it. But this ruling basically shoves something into all of our faces and we're told to flat out accept marriage between same sex couples is the law of the land.

It's a lot like a group of people many years ago being told to drink some koolaid and that it was good for them and they'd just go to sleep. Well they did after following their leader, the place was Guyana.

Churches are now being asked to roll back thousands of years of history and to go against the word of God.

But...many don't believe in God. Well...if you don't believe in God then why would you want to go get married in a church? Why should you care where you get married at?

Oh and if you do research on this it's not called a marriage by some churches, it's called a Partnership. So why would you want to go get partnered (better change those invites quickly!!!) in a place where you don't believe something oh and wait for it...

"One of the partners in the partnership in order to be partnered in that place MUST BE A CHRISTIAN" What??? Wait!!! That's discrimination!!!

How can the Supreme Court do this and a church then say that I have to be something I don't believe in because I want to get partnered with so and so!!!

I can see the lawsuits flying and the ambulance chasers saying "OH BABY we gonna go to the SUPREME COURT!!” But when you get to the court they then say… Oh OOPS, we screwed up. Wait!!! That’s discrimination too!!! We’re going to go to…The WHITE HOUSE!!! OBAMA will make it law!!!

Here…sip this Kool Aid, you’re going to go to sleep…NO THANKS!!

Is there something in the water that only some of us are getting and maybe it's because those of us that are thinking straight are doing so because we're drinking Coca-Cola​ and killing off the poison in the water that's causing all the craziness??

I just have to check and see...

God watch over those that make the choice to couple as same sex couples and to partner as they desire with whomever they desire. You gave us all free will and what we do with that free will is of course our choice as you deemed, even for those who by choice say they do not believe. It's interesting that when a non-believer dies, that most of them are caught saying "God help me!" because all of a sudden at the end they get holier than thou and you can't talk them out of the existence of an almighty being known as God.

For all I pray because even though I am now spiritual more than the Catholic kid who was baptized into the church, raised in the church, who'd lift a few wafers, and drink some wine and read and sang and wore the priests robes just to see if I felt closer to God, would go and peek into the priests section in the confession booth to see the Batphone to heaven...(where was the priest getting all of those crib notes from!!!), I am still a believer in The Holy Trinity, and I am believer that when I die I will be called to stand and to account for all of my deeds in this lifetime and I pray that God will be merciful and allow me to live out eternity in Heaven with many others.

That's what I believe. I don't question your beliefs, because they are yours. Now, you know mine, and you don’t have to question them because they are here in writing, and I will never, ever deny them because what’s waiting beyond that very thin veil is so much more than this planet offers us. This is merely a garden we’ve been given an opportunity to play in, to enjoy, to share, and to leave better than when we arrived here.

I hope we start to do a much better job of that.

God Bless all who read this, whether you believe or not. Thank you for reading.

Michael Murdock​

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Absolutely very well written. You've managed to capture my thoughts and record them on paper in one fell swoop. Thanks for doing so skillfully. Even though 9 men and women decided what an entire nation must do, unfortunately, we are all going to feel the repercussions of their ill decided decisions. This isn't America, this sounds like a Hitler nation to me. Sad and pathetic when you realize that America is supposed to be the greatest Nation in all the world. I do not feel free in my own home [America] and I have no where else to go. OMG!
Good blog. It's all true - but how to relate to people today and keep those sacred beliefs... that is the real challenge. Just driving can irritate others. Suggesting relationships when nobody stays together anymore.... reminds me of a quote - "what your doing is so loud - I can't hear what you're saying"
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