Is Brian Stelter Obsessed with President Trump?

(the following is a work of art. nothing more. any perception of it being anything else is delusional. also note if you are susceptible to anxiety attacks, you should not read this).

I have often asked myself this. If a reporter is so disgusted by everything that someone as high up as the President says and yet they continue to cover that person, are they obsessed? Are they stalking? Do they get a physical charge of excitement at everything their 'prey' does?

Tell us Brian, do you fantasize about President Trump every night? Do you wish he was tweeting about you? Is your heart racing right now at around 180 BPM just waiting for the next thing the President says or does so you can run to the boys room and explode to your hearts content over a picture of Anderson Cooper???

Do you feel the walls coming in closer while you're reading the teleprompter? Do you feel that pounding in your chest as you try to's your heart pumping all the blood from your feet as fast as it can and'll feel it...that heavy feeling as your eyes close on camera and you pass out! Isn't that interesting? 

It's pretty scary to watch your twitter stream (images screen captured from twitter stream, no ownership claimed except that they are in the public domain and everyone can see them).

You are fixed on TRUMP and now telling the world that he is out to get all media and that you are all now in danger. Really.

Did you ever think that you people have paved a red carpet to each and every one of your own doorsteps? So why are you crying now? Why do you suddenly sit on air sweating profusely from every pore in your body that someone out there somewhere is thinking of turning your lame ass into a rug on their floor? Because you're an idiot. No one wants you! If CNN took you off the TRUMP story your heart would explode from the anxiety. You have a need now to watch and bash everything TRUMP does, even if it's for the good of the country you will ride it into the ground because it's EVIL!!! TRUMP CAN DO NO GOOD!!! You've been brainwashed by OBAMA and ALINSKY TACTICS!!

In reality you have a deep seeded desire to yell from the tops of the tallest buildings in MANHATTAN: " I LOVE DONALD TRUMP AND HILLARY CLINTON LOST!!!!"

You just can't break free from the psyop that infests the sound systems in the buildings where you work. That faint buzzing which carries with it a HATE TRUMP message that inspires everyone there to go against TRUMP, against AMERICA against the constant destruction of OBAMA and everything he tried to do to destroy AMERICA.

You Brian have the power to break free, to do something better. Of course you'll have to do it before that ledge over there outside the window looks like the safest place to be, the one that will stop the heart from racing as your head hits the pavement in your suicidal escape from those who are chasing you even into your see them right? Cameramen...sound gophers...they could be anywhere.... SQUIRREL!!!!!

Yes, the media is slowing killing itself. We the people don't have to lift a finger to do this. Also, before you go on camera screaming Michael Murdock is out to get me...this is what's called ART. Nothing more. I threaten no one. I simply like you inform them. 

You're having anxiety attacks brought on by an over abundance of adrenalin. Get used to it because when it stops...your heart will explode and you will on camera die a very lonely death by this road of lies and deceit that you created for yourself.

I, will not shed a tear for your passing. I will not applaud it, but I won't shed a tear for it, because in this life you pave your own way and you're paving a freeway to your own extermination.

Have fun!!! 

Michael Murdock, Owner, (a slice of TRUMP ELECTION HISTORY now for sale)