ISLAM...and the rest of the world...

Interesting how our world has changed. 

Long ago there were different groups of people instead of religions. Romans, Nazarenes, Israelites and others. And then along came MAN and created things like Catholicism, Judaism, Buddhism and more. For different segments of people there were different religions and then eventually these became entwined welcoming different people from different religions to convert because the new religion was better than the other or was closer to God than the other or closer to ALLAH than GOD (who many say are ONE IN THE SAME), but there’s too many rules.

Why not simply believe that somewhere out there beyond the terminator is an ALL POWERFUL ENTITY that created us all, not all at the same time but that from time to time cranks up the cotton candy machine and whips that little cardboard cone around in a circle, tosses in some colored sugar and out we come at the end, very unique, never the same, and each with our own heart and mind to accept or not accept what we choose to believe or not believe in.

And on top of that magic we’re all allowed to come here to this wonderful playground called EARTH and exist with others, play with others and experience LIFE with others.

MAN has created RELIGIONS and RELIGIOUS DIVISION. Just as MAN has created different divisions on the basis of color, creed, sexual orientation, etc. MAN DID THIS. NOT GOD, or the Almighty Powerful being that you choose to believe in.

The CORE of all of this existence is that we’re ALL connected. We are ALL here together. We are ALL born into this world and We will ALL DIE no matter what. NO ONE escapes DEATH permanently. Some will experience a Near-death-experience, present company included, but in the end when it is our time and our clock runs out, we transition from this world to another world which is one of non-physical existence. We become spirit once again. We were all spirit before we came here, we all return to spirit following our experience in this lifetime. END OF DISCUSSION.

The other day I read an interesting posting on twitter from Muhammad Ali the retired boxer formerly known as Cassius Clay who dodged the draft to go to Vietnam and fight by turning into a Muslim and practicing the religion of ISLAM that is a RELIGION OF PEACE. His posting basically said that what ISIS was doing was against ISLAM. Now is that the ISLAM that is practiced in the MIDDLE EAST? Or is that the NATION OF ISLAM that is practiced in the United States lead by Louis Farrakhan? NOBODY knows because the last time I checked, wasn’t Farrakhan accused of KILLING off MALCOLM X many years ago? If so, WHY? and if this is a religion of PEACE, why all the killing? Many questions and no answers.

So I posed the following on twitter to the CHAMP to see what response I would get back:

Did I hear back? Absolutely NOT. You know why? Because NO ONE CAN GET THIS TO HAPPEN. NO MUSLIM will stand against ISIS because they believe that ISIS runs what’s called a Caliphate. A State which has not existed in a very long time. A state that REQUIRES an ALLEGIANCE to it that dictates that IF you pledge an ALLEGIANCE to this existence of the Caliphate and your brother does not, you are required to KILL HIM. If your WIFE does not and you do, you are required to KILL HER. If your parents do not, you are required to KILL them. If you have 1000 people you know who do not believe in the Caliphate and do not pledge allegiance to it, then you are obligated to KILL ALL OF THEM. If you are the ONLY person who on the PLANET pledges and allegiance to the Caliphate and no one else on Planet Earth does, you are obligated to KILL ALL OF THEM.

Do you see the issue with this? Because at the foundation of this discussion is that ISIS says they are ISLAMIC and BELIEVE IN ISLAM and by that statement the Caliphate is ISLAMIC and if you don’t believe in the Caliphate and do not pledge allegiance to it, then you will be killed off.

GIVE ME A BREAK. Break open the Quran and go back and speak with the most ancient of elders and see if how you’re interpreting the INNER WAR vs the OUTER WAR and see if you might have misread and misunderstood those things you need to kill off are actually INSIDE OF YOU, not OUTSIDE OF YOU. Because if the basics of ISLAM are PEACEFUL, then ALL OF THESE MURDERS and SUICIDES are AGAINST ISLAM as well as those laws and jurisdictions that the rest of humanity live under.

Go find some great weed, and some great pizza, smoke the weed, eat the pizza and sleep off the bad trip you’re on from whatever crap you’ve been fed by some “RADICALIZED” incompetent ass who never read the Quran, never understood any of it and was beaten by their parents and got pissed at the world so they decided to disrupt humanity.

It’s counter productive to also maim and dismember people for certain things. This Shariah law…probably not going to go over very well in many places because there’s a bunch of women out there who will kill you if you try to damage their female parts based on your beliefs. They’re going to cut off your male parts and turn you into a soprano very quickly if you mess with them.

WITHOUT WOMEN, EVERY MAN WHO IS ON THIS PLANET WOULD NOT EXIST. Since Adam & Eve were first here, others came after and MEN do NOT GIVE BIRTH. WOMEN give BIRTH. Without them all those machete wielding masked marauders would not exist. So women should be cherished, honored, respected, loved, adored. Stop CUTTING OFF THEIR CLITORIS’s It’s NOT POLITE!

THOSE WHO ARE AGAINST WHAT ISIS-TALIBAN-OTHERS ARE DOING IN THE NAME OF ISLAM, RISE UP AND BE HEARD! SPEAK OUT, WRITE OUT, YELL OUT, that you are against this and that you are calling an END to ISIS and its bastardization of a RELIGION OF PEACE for their own immature and irrelevant gains. IF you are truly against them, this is your duty to protect and preserve this religion you honor. If you are not standing against them, you are standing with them and you are encouraging their continuing to disgrace the glory of ISLAM.

I could go on but my head hurts from what is coming through to me. The universe is greatly saddened at the amount of death being carried out by certain peoples on this planet and it’s going to shift things soon in such a way that they will be greatly disappointed at having brought on such things to others.

To those who wish to ban people from entering countries, those things will not work for a long time. They will eventually fail because there will be those who are bought, and paid to ignore things and those who commit that crime will never be brought to justice due to the many barriers to quick prosecution and a belief that committing a crime is ok, but being accused of one is a violation of civil rights and therefore should be dismissed on those bounds and that happens more often than it should and that’s a part of the broader problem.

LOVE, PEACE, JOY, ABUNDANCE, UNDERSTANDING, RESPECT…all great tenets of HUMANITY. Not restricted or bound by ANY HUMAN CREATED RELIGION try practicing those and spreading them across oceans to others and see what happens to this world we all live in and all are connected within.

Just some thoughts from someone who prays daily for the safety and well being of everyone on the planet, no matter their religion, race, creed, etc. And yes these thoughts are fairly non-cohesive in nature because not all of them have come through the human operating the keyboard. Many are shared from beyond the terminator by some who’ve passed and are seeking a way to speak out to the greater good that exists in this place called Planet Earth.

Peace be with all.