Nominating a Woman for time for celebrating

I would be cheering today for the historical significance of nominating a woman to be President of the United States, but...the amount of negativity surrounding this, the deception, the deceit, the lies, the maneuvering, the disenfranchising of Voters across all states, across all racial makeups, across all ages...But I cannot in good faith and honoring of principles even bend a moment of my time to congratulate anyone who has basically stolen a race.

Yes, I am a TRUMP supporter. A RABID TRUMP SUPPORTER they call me. At least with regards to my candidate he beat the field fair and square until the last 3 contestants quit, and in the end he won the delegate count by a staggering amount, but it was done above board, it was done with a few jabs here and there but it was not an underhanded deceptive theft of candidates and delegates as the DNC version has been.

I hang my head in sorrow this day because a historical event has happened in the USA and yet the person who won is so unfit to be the leader of this nation and should really be referred to by the title which she will eventually wear:

Good Afternoon INMATE CLINTON, sit down. Parole? Oh no, no this is not a parole hearing. HA HA HA Is that what they told you? Well...April fools!!!!! You're here for LIFE!!!! HA HA HA HA HA!!!

Oh yes President Trump sends his love... NOPE!!! Gotcha again... Damn you've been punk'd for the last...oh 6 years now!!! No...all that crap you promised? No...way!!! People went and voted for TRUMP so big and guess what, he MADE AMERICA A PROUD NATION ONCE AGAIN!! Racial divide? HELL NO!!! That's all healed and life is amazing!!

Bill? Damn that boy was running for the Lincoln bedroom for a reunion with Monica, but she fell, he went sailing past her, flipped in the air and became impaled on do we say this gingerly....(whisper, whisper, whisper) oh was a DICK!!!

(Well we can dream now can't we) :-) Who knows, sometimes dreams do come true.$veteran  << If the above story made you laugh, made you cry, made you think about Voting for some REAL CHANGE, not that ObamaTASTROPHE™ type of change, please donate $1 through the link to the left and know that you've helped a VETERAN get something to eat and that he thanks you and will say special prayers for you. 

God bless!!!