Once in a while...

there comes a business and people you really want to brag about because they’re fun, they produce a great product and they bring smiles to many faces. This time that business is Mike Madden & his Cookies in Bloom shop in Phoenix, AZ.

Mike’s a great guy always smiling, always making me laugh, and always connecting with others and supporting them on facebook. He’s constantly liking pages, and pictures and keeping me on my toes on facebook which is tough for anyone.

While we were on our trip to Arizona this past week we had a chance finally to stop in and see Mike and his store. What a treat that was. Literally!! They've got a great location in Phoenix on the corner of 40th and Indian School right next to a large new trampoline park.

When we entered, we met Mike (finally), this is me in the photo with him and photos of the great products that they produce in the gallery.

Mike was kind enough to send us on our way with some goodies. The cookies did not make the trip to Tucson. One bite told me and Maria that these were well made tasty cookies that needed to be eaten. The thing that made it back with us was the Hannah Caramel Apples, the last of which was finished this very day.

I want to say THANKS to Mike Madden for sharing with us his time, his products, and the story of how they do what they do. You're a credit to your business and a pleasure to know.

I wish you much success in your business and all that you do.

Thanks for taking time to read this one.