SalesGenie & Phone Number info products

The reason I mention SalesGenie is that over the past 3 months I have received between 15-20 calls each day of the week at all hours of the day and night from people using the SalesGenie product.

They're calling the Lake Forest Chamber of Commerce in Lake Forest, California but yet somehow they are getting my cellphone which is in the 480 area code of Scottsdale Arizona.

Now if this was 1-2 calls per year, that would be one thing,'s not. It's 15-20 calls per day and as early as 3am in the morning.

My Mother died at 3:24AM on the 17th of February 2015. The day before I'd received a call at 3am in the morning from someone asking if they'd reached the Lake Forest Chamber of Commerce. When I asked how they got my number they told me they were using this product called SALESGENIE and they had my number listed as the Lake Forest Chamber.

My number is registered with the National DO NOT CALL center so that I don't receive calls that are not solicited, but it appears someone out there at a particular company does not read that list.

If you're a victim of this type of abuse of your time, make sure you reach out to contact the Federal Trade Commission and file a complaint with them as I have. It's not legal to publish someone's number as these people have and it should be something that allows them to make retribution for.

Personally, I think they should pay the entire fundraising for my Mother's Funeral Expenses, PLUS some additional compensation for my lost sleep every night when people call me, but I think that will never happen as most of these companies never get penalized. I will say this, if they've gotten my number in there and it's directing people incorrectly, they've most probably gotten other numbers in there incorrectly and my best recommendation would be to NOT use their product and to use one of the other ones out there that has the right numbers in place.

For anyone looking for it, the correct number of the Lake Forest Chamber of Commerce is below:

Lake Forest Chamber of Commerce

22996 El Toro Rd #116
Lake Forest, CA 92630

Phone: (949) 583-9639
Fax: (949) 596-0410

Office Hours are generally from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. However, we're sometimes out in the community, so it doesn't hurt to call ahead before stopping by.


From Hwy 5
Exit El Toro Road NORTH (Left)
On the RIGHT 
Corner of El Toro/Jeronimo 

From 241 Toll Road
Exit Portola Parkway SOUTH (Toll Applies)
Turn RIGHT on Portola Parkway
Turn RIGHT on El Toro Road
On the Left
Corner of El Toro/Jeronimo

Have a nice day and please stop calling my cell phone number which begins with a 480 area code! Unless you really need to reach me. :-)

Best regards,

Michael Murdock, Huntington Beach, CA.

PS - If you have SalesGenie, contact them and let them know they have waken a sleeping person who's not happy about being waken.