She was grabbed & thrown to the him!

Really? My first thought was damn if I ever run across that Corey Lewandowski, I’ll take out 4 years of frustrations on him just for grabbing that reporter and throwing her down like that…what a bastard!!!

Many people thought the same thing, although they probably don’t have the ire that I do with 4 years of loss in California, parents, money, marriage, memories and more. But still to read on twitter so many people claiming that someone had forcefully thrown a woman to the ground, my other hope was that cops would have taken him and worked him over with nightsticks.

But then pictures started to come out, then videos, then…overhead security videos…the truth…this reporter would have been roughed up more at a Black Friday opening at Walmart than she was at this press conference in the ballroom of a Trump owned property. In fact, with this many people around, if she’d be tossed around like a ragdoll as was claimed by the writer who was detailed enough to say that “finger shaped bruises appeared on her arm”…I think they both would have been arrested, and the guy Corey doing all that beating up would have been trampled by the crowd.

With me, my reactive self took off in defense of this woman that I’d never met and the guy who’d beaten on her…yes I was counting the days until Trump came back to Arizona to make my move.

More research reveals that as the group of press people moved to the back of the room, Secret Service agents moved her away from Mr Trump, and then when she persisted, Corey ran interference, grabbed for a split second in the form of “Excuse me, move aside” and he got her away from Mr Trump’s side and kept moving. He didn’t stop, didn’t throw her to the ground, and didn’t kick or bite her as the police report implied mentioning weapons used as Hands, Fists, Teeth, Feet.

The fact that Corey went in a continuous motion told me that whoever was doing the writing was blowing things out of proportion. In doing more research I found out the writer of the “facts” was the guy in a maroon & white checkered shirt (really bad taste dude), who was also heard in an audio recording as saying “Wow, he really threw you down”, and interesting enough, this guy in the video that was shown by the overhead security footage barely had to assist the “victim” known as Michelle Fields. Doing additional reading on the web about Ms Fields, apparently she had a knack for being a victim when cameras were around to capture things. Was she the shooter behind the fence on the grassy knoll? I’ll have to go back and look through reams of JFK Dealey Plaza footage to see, but I think she might have been there.

Did I write an apology to Corey right away? No. I held back on things to see what would develop as this “case” moved forward. I watched more and more and then all of a sudden there was a notice of the District Attorney NOT BRINGING ANY CHARGES against Corey.

I tweeted out an apology to him because I went off what I first heard which to me was a guy had man handled a woman and needed to be taught a lesson. He needs to be applauded for doing his job, making sure that Mr Trump was on his way out the door and was not impeded by someone who had been told by Secret Service not to approach a candidate and she basically via additional footage stalked him from a distance like a hunter watching a target. If she’d been an assassin we’d have a whole other group of people “zapruder-ing” the footage frame by frame and the fbi/cia and others would be changing the footage to throw off conspiracy people as they’ve done with the many films from Dealey Plaza that day long ago.

Thank Goodness this was not the case. We only have a woman who may need to be examined by someone for her apparent personality disorder which requires that she basically throw herself into a situation where she doesn’t belong and then get as much attention as she can for her cause. Additionally she had two guys, one who was there, one who wasn’t, and some others who were caught trying to lie for her who bailed out of the picture as they realized this was going to get big and nothing would end up in their pockets.

Sad that this has distracted from the TRUMP campaign as it has. Lastly there’s a collection of people on Twitter who were throwing Corey to the lions and demanding he be fired. Their bosses should look at all of them and summarily fired for their stands which were so far off base you can’t find them without binoculars.

Corey, I am sorry I jumped to conclusions. I stand against abuse against women, men, kids, elders and animals. I trusted that the man was writing the truth and not lying his face off about it because he thought he’d get laid by the victim. Pretty sad when that happens. What happened to you and your family during this time never should have happened.

It’s great to see how Mr Trump stood by you and believed in you when the other candidates in this election said “well he should be fired right now”. We know that TRUMP will STAND with AMERICA and make sure we’re taken care of too. The other candidates will abandon America and that’s not what we need.

God bless, keep up the great work, and thanks again for looking out for our candidate.

Michael Murdock, US NAVY VETERAN