So how are you doing?

Someone asked me that this morning and my answer to them surprised even me. I am frustrated, depressed, pissed, surprised, sad, and eventually I’ll get angry, I replied.

That bad? Yes, that bad.

Because it’s Monday, I can be, and I’ve not been without a roof over my head since the 1980’s when I took a 6 month road trip in my car to explore the world a bit and in the end had a phone to pick up to call family and say “Hey, I need help”. Now they’re in the clouds watching all of this and I know they’re wishing they could help once again, but everything that they could do went with them skyward, bless their amazing and loving hearts. They taught me to survive. I want to be so much more than a survivor and they taught me that as well. Don’t settle.

Instead what I have is a mound of paperwork that shows my inheritance spent taking care of my folks, and in the end me being forced out of where I live, selling all my stuff (and it is just stuff), but hoping that what I sell is enough to sustain me at least for a while longer until something breaks open to allow more abundance to flow.

Getting into a zen state or a state of zero and rebooting is rough when all around you is chaotic and moving so quickly. There’s no way to put a hand up and command it all to stop and have it obey. Although we’re taught that with the faith of a mustard seed, that mountains shall level themselves or lift themselves from the ground to make a path for us. I am holding a space for such mountains to pick up and move.

So when you call me, if I seem snippy…you’ll know why. Moving after 4 years is a pain under normal circumstances. Not knowing where you are going to be next and where you and your loving dog can call home and feel safe except your car is challenging…but in the end, I shall overcome this as I have every other challenge thrown my way in this lifetime and I shall come out on top once again.

Because I am anointed! And I know that God has faith in me as I in he.


Happy Monday to all.

Can you help me over the hump?