The great thing about the Internet...

Is that you can sometimes use things to prove your point.

Today I posted an email about Google. It's was funny because I checked my website ranking for my primary keyterm at the time that I posted the email. What I did not do is make a screen snapshot of it. That was my mistake. I was ranked #2 out of 29,900,000 after being wiped out a week or so ago for making another posting about Google. It's not a position which you can get delisted from unless someone purposely pulls you out. It appears they did.

So today GMAIL crapped out. The ever-loving CLOUD took a dump and GMAIL went down. So I posted a note to Posterous which went out everywhere including into my blog which when you open the blog up right now it looks like crap for some unknown reason, maybe it's on the same server as GMAIL is! :) Just kidding...or maybe it really is.

The bottomline here is that Google which is supposed to be a search engine filled with facts and things has somehow skewed the numbers a bit. What they did not do is search back into the history of my blog because if they had, they'd have seen a little article that I wrote last month (July) where I posted what my ranking was at that time, #2 on google for the term of internet business consulting.

However, when you go on there right now and search and even if you click the options and enter the date of 7/20/2009 for some reason I don't show up at all. Now isn't that special!

Well, below is a screen snap of my blog which I posted on that date which shows where I was ranked. Now what GOOGLE should do is accept that they are not without fault, and boost their datacenter, enable failover of their ever-loving clustered to death machines and be able to handle something that is not basically the result of GOD showing up and shutting them down.

What you'll see is the snap of the posting dated July 20th 2009. Next you'll see a search done tonight that basically says that this picture below is incorrect. Too bad a I have a series of them from different dates and they're not photoshopped.

Something is wrong with the picture below because according to that search my listing should be there
as July does fall between January and August.

And of course below is from the control panel of the blog...come on people, you can skim a blog for entries that you need to delete right?

What they should not do is scrap a listing to a website that is actually a viable resource for people who want to legitimately get listed into their search engine and one that's never violated their terms of agreement, listings, etc in the entire time it's been in existence all over an email which voices an opinion that's critical of their work.

If anyone over there had any balls they'd pick up the phone and offer me a job helping them overcome things like this as a failure of a system such as GMAIL that is supposed to be available to all, always is a BIG DEAL and one that's not going to help perpetuate the use of anything other than another program to replace GMAIL and mark it BETA, which we all know it should not be any longer.

There, that's my .02 on the matter, and hopefully someone will see the error of their ways and respect that I did not get to where I am in TECH by NOT being right about a lot of things.

So Google how about putting my listing back. I'm available to relocate to Mountain View anytime we come to a package agreement. I guarantee you that you won't regret the hiring.

Of course you have to beat Steve Jobs and Apple to the punch (and if Steve calls, well all bets are off, my loyalty to Apple is unwavering).


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