The idiocy of lists


It's comical watching to see what ALL of the candidates are doing regarding their crafting of plans to defend the homeland.

One thing that's been mentioned by a candidate that many love to hate, but that I am supporting is putting people on lists.

This is where the idiocy around lists comes into play, and this is NOT a Swipe at Mr Trump. In fact it's a compliment.

We're ALL ALREADY ON LISTS!!! There's nothing new! So what you're going to break muslims up into a list or collection of lists. What's the problem? There isn't one.

Why do I say there isn't a problem? Think really carefully...better still open your wallet or your purse or look at your emails...


You're on a list for drivers licenses, social security cards, prescriptions, credit cards, etc. OH and...ALL of those lists keep track of your race!! How do I know? Because I am on them as well, and even some of them ask for religious affiliations.

And monitoring? You're already being monitored!!! Everywhere you go there are cameras, there are people watching those cameras. There are cameras watching those people who are watching those cameras...and there are people watching those people watching those people who are watching those cameras...and so on and so on and so on.

The problem is that along the way of watching all those cameras and such, people make mistakes or are paid to ignore something and others get killed.

So now what the candidates are saying is simply they're going to be watching those lists a bit more carefully. I have zero problem with that.

You shouldn't have a problem with it either, unless you're doing something illegal, immoral or perhaps overly fattening, or if you're planning to overthrow a government or cause others harm, then you need to not only fear being on the list, you need to fear those who are willing to step up and make you an example of how to get rid of terrorists. That's what you need to fear. But as long as you're in the USA and you're not doing things to disrupt the lives and wellbeing of others, you should be just fine.

That's my .02 on this and I am fine with the Trump campaign using this as long as they give Michael Murdock, US NAVY VETERAN the credit for bringing it up.

People just don't get lists. But as one who has created hundreds if not thousands in my lifetime, I am good with them.

Thanks for taking time to read. By the way, when you read this, you will automatically be placed on a list of people that have read this.