They don't call me Colin...

they call me DOC! and a few other choice adjectives!!

Colin Kaepernick...I remember when you actually PLAYED football. When you came of the bench for the Niners and nearly won a Super Bowl. I remember when you were great.

Then I remember watching you kneel during the anthem and I wondered...why. Then I heard..."I'm an african-american, and I'm speaking out for those kids in the inner cities..." and I thought...okay...never knew he was from africa, thought he was from Stockton, okay, mixed race, that's cool...inner cities...great he's going to call Obama to task for abandoning the inner cities for 8 years of his Presidency...but...wait...

Somalia...Hmmm...So Kaepernick isn't from Stockton, he's from Kansas, but now he's calling Somalia his real home and he's not raising money for the kids in the inner cities in the USA, he's started a gofundme for Somalia and he's going to help them...but he's pissed because the NFL won't let him play...actually they will, but no team will put him on the field because of controversy... there are people protesting, even some police because Colin can't get a job...and yet he refused to go on ride alongs with what was it...50 different police departments so they could show him first hand what they're up against and that they want help to correct these problems but Obama wasn't supporting them. Anyone else would have jumped at the opportunity to do this, Kaepernick REFUSED! someone who people come to once in a great while for advice, my advice for Mr. Kaepernick (and there's no way in hell he will take it) is GET YOUR STORY STRAIGHT!

If you're going to be for something, be for it. Speak out, then take action, inspired action to affect the change you wish to see happen.

Kneeling for the anthem got you attention. Do you know how many MILLIONS of people in the USA had NO IDEA you were mixed race? Sort of like OBAMA saying he's BLACK, denying his heritage because he's trying to kill off the white side of himself. I am sure his mother is really proud of that (said NO ONE EVER).

You spoke out with your kneeling and then you ran from doing anything in AMERICA to affect the change your action was calling attention to. Nice fake out. GROW UP.

You want to help kids in the inner cities? Meet with POLICE, meet with STATE GOVERNMENT, ask to meet with the President and create a way to help those kids. Don't run because people didn't jump to support you. Keep trying, but next time just grab the microphone and say HEY I'M PISSED AT KIDS BEING KILLED IN INNER CITIES and I AM MIXED RACE and I WANT TO SEE THAT CHANGED.

I guarantee you, you'd have had the attention of a lot more people in a more positive fashion, than by kneeling and spitting in the faces of those of us who see flags draped on the coffins of our loved ones who gave their lives in service of this country we call home and you demean by your actions.

Sorry you can't get a job. I live in a car because of my convictions. Because clients I had, liberal clients asked me to become a DEMOCRAT and abandon my Republican President or lose their business. I held to my convictions. It's cost me $100K a year in income to do that.

But I didn't run away like you did. I am still here and I am standing by because I love AMERICA and all she has given me since I became a citizen long ago.

I wish you the best, but until you step up like a man and go and meet with the people who are policing those inner cities, I don't think you stand a chance of a snowball in hell of getting back into the NFL and playing ball. You made a choice, you made your bed, now you have to lay in it and watch that income fade away.

Good luck Colin.

Michael Murdock, US NAVY VETERAN

@docmurdock on twitter.