Time Warner Cable - Huntington Beach, CA... @twc @twc_help

I would be rude and just write FUCK YOU in the title, but that would be inappropriate without raising some issues within this text.

I moved to Huntington Beach, in 2011 and from that point on, proceeded to get screwed by your company along the way for bills that were constantly being increased without explanations being given. Similar to the screwy healthcare being provided by Sunrise of Huntington Beach where they give meds without authorizations, and increase bills without explanations. You two should get into bed together, you might have a great time.

I get my day interrupted by some hack from a collections agency stating "I am looking for Michael Murdock to discuss a personal business matter" - FYI - that is a violation of the Fair Debt Collections Act and the FTC will be informed that you've authorized this action.

In 7-21 days after a service has been disconnected you send someone to collections? WTF??? After providing 4 years of spotty-assed service, turning OFF services for no reason because your repair people were in a hurry, multiple issues with DVR equipment and while you replaced the equipment after we had to find your offices because you kept closing and moving them, you don't credit the bill for the inconvenience...you raise the damn thing.

Why doesn't the Federal Trade Commission run a scope up your asses and find out where your brains got hidden because you are screwing over the people of Southern California and no one has the balls to go up against you and say anything. Well....you just uncovered one very pissed off Disabled US NAVY VETERAN who has a knack for drawing attention to matters. Thanks for doing that, now we can get down to specifics and have a few other people hire some ambulance chasing lawyer out there who wants to make some bucks and SUE you people for ripping off your customers.

And what's really interesting is the bills you send out (Still waiting to receive my final bill thank you very fucking much), but the bills you send out with no explanations as to why there are increases, and when you're questioned about it at your wonderful offices, you say "Oh, we made a mistake, let us fix that, and that will credit on your next billing cycle, but you still owe what is on here, how would you like to pay? oh and can we offer you an upgrade to yadda yadda at the same time?"

LOUSY PHONE SERVICES - Only 30 blocked numbers allowed? In the digital age, should be more than 1000.
NO 100MB INTERNET SERVICES - only 10MB-50MB and NEVER consistent.
NO 300MB INTERNET SERVICES - although you claimed new equip would deliver this without issues. It never did, but you charged for it.

Raised BILL when I disconnected Phone services but told me the bill would not increase.
Outages every few months, no credits to bill for services not delivered, but bills increased.
Hell the only people who really give a damn are the techs out there and you're screwing them on their wages, their overtime, and their benefits too.

You should be shut the hell down by the FTC and be required to give back the last 4 years of payments to every single customer in Southern California for your crappy services. Come to think of it, I think I'll send a copy of this to the Governor's offices so maybe the State can dig into your drawers and see what the hell is going on and who is making the lion's share of cash there on the backs of customers who are getting screwed.