Watch out for South Korea Spam emails

A new breed of 'steal your login' emails is making its way around the circuit.

These are coming from a south korean domain/hosting company out there.

I tracked one today that was trying to get me to download a Microsoft Outlook.exe file to run on my computer to give them access to it.

Sorry boys, I use a Macintosh and Apple Mail!! 

So beware of anything coming from your domain name that the email reads as follows:

Subject: For the owner of the insert your email address here
To: your actual name

Dear user of the mailing service!

We are informing you that because of the security upgrade of the mailing service your mailbox (yourname at settings were changed. In order to apply the new set of settings click on the following link:

(that next link is to a file that will land on your pc and infect it nastily)

and then there's a fake letter ID# after this.

Don't click any links, simply delete the message and save yourself a world of trouble.


Michael Murdock, CEO - Internet Business Consulting

So what is an Evangelist?

Well...there are a number of definitions for this, but if you go to Webster's (not the little guy from TV, but the dictionary) you find the definition of Evangelist to be:

e van ge list |iˈvanjəlist|nouna person who seeks to convert others to the Christian faith, esp. by public preaching.• layperson engaged in Christian missionary work.• zealous advocate of something he is an evangelist of junk bonds.the writer of one of the four Gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke, or John) :St. John the Evangelist.

The one we're looking at in this case is that of:

"A Zealous advocate of something" meaning someone who speaks of a product or service constantly or consistently, and even potentially raves about it.

As in Guy Kawasaki is an evangelist of Apple Computer. Or Guy Kawasaki is a Macintosh Evangelist. Not sure whether you're for both or for one now Guy, you'll have to comment on your own.  I evangelize ProsperityCart. Why? because they deliver service and support and a product that works as described in their documentation which they constantly update.

For myself, I don't fixate on any one product unless of course I use it for my business or in daily life. If I do so and I am pleased with the way it performs and the support that I get when I require support (Yes it does happen), then I will speak favorably of a product and never expect anything from them. However when a product does not work right, inhibits client usage and is lacking in support...the last thing you want me doing is Evangelizing your product because that has the effect of King Midas in reverse. No gold here, only KA-KA. (technical term)

What I will NEVER do is consult with a product company to allow them to fix their product using my suggestions for improvement and do it completely and totally free. That's not how I roll. There are times when I will reward a company with suggestions or observations and expect nothing in return. In fact there is ONE company that I do this with often and that's APPLE. Why? Because I worked for Steve Jobs, and I feel a loyalty to a platform that I began using back in 1978.

When you ask someone to help you fix an issue with your company's flagship product and you say to them "Well I'm not in a position to be paying for your suggestions", stop what you asking and find the person who is responsible, can write the checks and allow them to  make an ovation of an engagement. This way we don't waste each other's time. You see when you perform the asking, you're really asking for a consulting engagement. If you're not in a position to be authorizing payment for the should not be asking for the engagement.

Granted there are times when I will post things on twitter and facebook as hints to companies that there are problems they may wish to examine and fix to improve their impression in the eyes of their customers. I may hint at specific things that need attention in specific areas when I've used a service and its failed to perform at expected levels. However, I am not someone your company can call and say "Hey I saw your postings and so can you tell me all the places we need to fix our stuff?" (basically so I can reap the rewards of this because we screwed up and I am trying to cover my ass and I can't believe you caught this stuff, And by the way we appreciate you giving us that info, but we can't pay you for it".

That's just comical and I will publicly call you on it. Do yourself a favor, grab the company checkbook with the CEO in tow and call me and then start that pen moving across a check with a nice respectable dollar amount for my time, and we can go over your product top to bottom and discuss how to fix it. What's respectable? Start at $5,000 an hour and we'll cap it at $25,000 for 5 hours of brain dump. After that we can go from there and I'll knock $500 off per hour to save you some money.

I will do a favor to the company which I am referring to laughingly in this posting. I will not post your company name here. I'll leave that to others to do the research and piece together the answer from my tweets and facebook postings.

If your CEO wants to engage my services to help you better understand your product, your market and the solutions to your current problems we can discuss such things. However, that does not mean I will evangelize your product. That takes time and trust and so far...we're not there.

Lastly, if I have contacted you on behalf of a client to get a refund for your product being oversold and under delivered to that client, please don't insult me or my client by offering a refund that is basically 50% less than what has previously been offered to them. That's ludicrous and the only thing they'll get from me on your behalf is a referral to a law office for their case and a lot of primetime blog, twitter, facebook, and other social network time bashing your product until it seriously hurts your bottom line.

Service is about ensuring "Customer Satisfaction". If your product is not doing that, please don't ask me to be an affiliate, an evangelist, or even to mention your product. It will not happen in a positive light.

To people like Guy who I admire and respect: Thanks for paving a great road to ride on.

Sincerely yours,

Michael Murdock

AAA for your website!! I hate my webmaster!! :)

Greetings. How many times have you had a problem with your website, tried to find someone to help you and there's nobody around? How many of those times did you have someone on retainer and they were not reachable? Did you ever wish you could call AAA and have them come and rescue your website? Well we're NOT AAA, but we're pretty close. is the site to visit. We're basically AAA without the noisy towtruck. We're here to get in, find out what's wrong with your site and get you back on the Internet (Information Superhighway) fast. Right we're offering some specials you need to know about. Since this is an emergency services offering, we're limiting the number of things that we do to those that need instant fixes. Need a form created, need a page aligned, need things done that you can't do and can't find someone to do, we'll do them fast. We're offering 3 types of "policies": 3 Month, 6 Month, 12 Month and just like your insurance policy we also offer a payment plan. So if you subscribe, then before the next payment decide you don't need this, you can cancel and you won't be charged anything further. So when you have a second, check out and see our offerings there. We have discounts on the FULLPAY products until XMAS Day. We can only take a limited number of clients and provide the high levels of service you expect, so get in early and don't be left out! Merry Christmas to all and Happy New Year. We look forward to serving you and making your 2010 one of no website downtime.

Michael Murdock, CEO

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OfficeMax...NOT Exceptional SERVICE TODAY

Normally when you ask me about OfficeMax I cannot possibly laud them enough, but today the experience was far from stellar, in fact it was pretty sad. Which did allow me to connect with some feelings around being of service, being heard, and feelings of abandonment.

To share, I walked into the store, right to the section I wanted to get to, to purchase an internal drive for a laptop. I was approached by a gal (and yes she'll remain nameless, but when her manager reads this, she will be spoken with, and should be).

The experience started off great, I found what I needed and was then offered an extended warranty plan which I declined as OfficeMax does have a nice return policy if something does not work and since I have installed more than 100 of these drives myself, the chance of anything going wrong on that side...slim to none.

It was after that refusal of the warranty that things went south. As she walked off to get my drive, she saw another customer, approached them and instead of saying "I'll be right back, let me finish with this gentleman", she began to get into a lengthy discussion with this other customer and walk them around the store showing them things as if I did not exist. I had to double check that I was there and in fact I was.
I finally had to grab another sales person to get the drive from the back of the store which he promptly did and it was waiting at the front for me when I arrived.

Prior to that the woman who'd first approached me came back and gave me a casual "oh, I'm sorry, if you want I can have someone go in the back and get your drive for you" as she has her arms filled with goods for this woman who is looking at her and shaking her head.

I laughed and said "Nope, already handled by another salesperson, but I'll be more than happy to write about this experience on the web"

a 5 minute trip turned into 20 minutes.

Now there is a lesson to this as when I was coming out of the parking lot there was some evidence of multiple speeders and an opportunity for an accident. I will thank the universe for the delay imposed by this person, but she did not appear to be in her body when she was with either me or the other customer so one can only presume that she'd had a rough evening, or some difficult news at home.

For the record this happened at store #427 in Scottsdale, and it's a store that I frequent as I love the service there. Today was a sad exception to another otherwise pristine set of experiences. I hope this assists in a remedy for such things. Other customers might not be as polite as me in their responses.



Another PayPal fake email to share

This is an example of a rank amateur sending out one of these things. However, do note that some people will actually click the link thinking they'll get a quick $99 in their account. They won't. Instead they'll end up with an infected computer and a world of problems. The highlighted sections are for your attention to be drawn to.

Things to note:

FROM: this is not from a legit paypal email server

TO: Never will paypal send you an email to Undisclosed anything. Always they will use your full name

Received: this is a domain in france

Received: the 4th received line indicates a user NAMED AMarseille with a specific address using a server in france (real braniac there)

XMAILER: Microsoft Outlook Express - Never used in a business the size of PayPal. What do they use? It's not this.

And then there's the clue of the link to click on. Not even a PayPal link. No graphics included in the email, PayPal always sends out an html based email with its graphics embedded (included) within the emails they send out.

Now this email could easily have been faked through this server, but that's not your concern. If you received something like this, the best thing to do is to forward it to and let them know you received it. They will send it to their fraud division for investigation.

Have an amazing day.


Craigslist fake emails now

Okay, so now the account stealing crooks are targeting your craigslist accounts with crap like you see below. Same drill as when you see one of those fake paypal emails: DELETE IT!!

Craigslist has been alerted.


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Support...Does it matter? Answer = YES

So the question today is one that I feel needs answering on a number of
levels. Companies who operate within the US should hold themselves in
today's age of twitter substantially more accountable and responsive to the
needs of the public. This includes those who operate small businesses from
their home and share resources with clients and friends alike.

Stop outsourcing support overseas and start taking time to work WITH customers. Talk WITH them.
Don't talk DOWN to them. They pay your paychecks by purchasing your products.
Stop focusing so much on the new Ferrari and focus more on giving back and helping
others achieve the results you promise in your advertisements. If you can't then admit it
and get back to the drawing board. Some software changes lives. Filing is important.
Doing it digitally does things to help our planet as well.

Now, granted this past weekend was a holiday weekend. However, when support
calls are responded to on a holiday weekend that means someone is there
taking responsibility for things. Bravo. But, it does not mean that the
solution to your software product not functioning with a specific printer
model is for the client to bag their current printer (for any reason) and go
get a new one which is less capable than what your QA department decided to
test with.

Yes I am serious.

Let's take the company who has grabbed my attention antennae today:

They make a scanner akin to the Paperport Vx scanner of many years ago
although Paperport really kicked their butt in the performance and
compatibility section these folks wish to make a play in the document filing
space. Their software allows people to scan things such as receipts and
such, but when using their scanner apparently they're able to glean much
more information from the receipts or papers, get OCR done on them and have
some magical filing system created from this. I am all for ridding the
planet of paper.

However, they also wish to play in the Macintosh space and that's where I
come in. They make a product called Neatworks for Mac. It's NOT a Macintosh
product. It has some potential, but generally when developers take a PC
product and make it a Mac product it's counter-intuitive and it's never
really made fully compatible with the BIBLE of UI books (now on the web)-
Apple Human Interface Guidelines

People never seem to read these things now and that's perplexing for me.
When you design a program to work on a computer system should you not at
least read the guidelines and allow all of the keystrokes to work? Allow the
right dialogs to pop when there's a problem, support printers that use
Preview (the application under OSX that scans) correctly within your

One would think so, but they'd be wrong where Neatco is concerned.

Folks you have much to learn about program design, but you have MUCH MORE to
learn when it comes to support.
If I'd ever told a user to go and buy a new computer because they could not
run Pixar's software on it when I worked for Steve Jobs, he'd have had me
drawn and quartered and then he'd have gotten angry.

To tell a customer that their printer does not work, they need to downgrade
to a lousier one because you did not test or even try to support the
higher-end Office Jet printers from HP...You're HIGH. HP would be more than
happy to help you with this problem if someone in your organization would
pick up a phone call them and say "Hi, this is Neatworks Support, we'd like
to borrow an OfficeJet 6500 printer so we can make sure our software works
with it so we can sell our software to people who use your products and make
them happy".

That's what you do. You don't tell the customer that things don't work,
here's the instructions for configuring a lower end product and we're not
supporting the higher end printers. OUCH. When that happens you publicly get
smacked by someone like me who has been on the front lines of support and
would never stand for that. I'd be knocking on doors at development asking
why we don't support the higher end. I'd take my own paycheck go to Costco,
buy the printer for $150 take it to work and give it to development to make
sure it worked. Anything to help my company make a customer happy.

I am more than happy to rave about a product that has a team that at least
is trying, but to push back like this one did...not something I can sit
silently by and not speak up about.

So, here's what I did. I called my Apple Store, I told them the story and
they said: "Mr. Murdock, we'll help you out, bring the software back and
we'll give you a refund, we appreciate your business".

I returned, logged into Mail, went to the message from Nuance offering a
Paperport 12 offering at an unheard of $29.99 and I bought that! Thanks Nuance & Digital River
for a flawless transaction.

If Neatco wants to set things right, they can package up one of their lovely
little NeatReceipts for Mac Printer & Software packages and ship it to me at
my POBox. I'll then think about saying something nice about that product once I've
seen whether or not it actually does what's advertised. Because the
Neatworks for Mac product alone gets -

0 out of 5 DMs ( a DM is a DocMurdock Approved Rating. 5 is great, 0 is
"don't touch this with a 10 foot pole".

Thanks for taking time to read this long drawn out explanation, but some
things have to be addressed. Hopefully this saves a lot of Mac users a lot
of hassle.

Michael Murdock, CEO
7904 E Chaparral, Rd.,
Ste A110., PMB 148,
Scottsdale, AZ 85250-7273