Our CYBER MONDAY Promotion

This weekend I was asked if I was going to do something special for CyberMonday. I did some thinking and then came up with an idea.

So here are the details below and the LINK is HERE => http://tinyurl.com/lxkfe5 <=

The Coupon Code to use in the Shopping Cart is this: CYBER (probably the only time this word is used in a good fashion)

And what this will do is take $3,900 OFF the price of our 1year SEO/Social Media Promotions package.

Here's some information on what the package includes for your website or wordpress based blog:

1. SEO for your Website or WordPress Blog, includes ongoing titles, descriptions, keyword changes
2. Social Network Promos 4 times Monthly (Facebook/Twitter) 
3. Emails out to various lists tied to your market 4 times during year
4. Press Release Promotion - 4 Press Releases. You write, We promote
5. Additional promotions of you, your business, to your market & beyond
6. Additional Consulting tied to resources to market you & your website
*This package covers 5 pages of your website or WordPress blog only*

**Price is per website or WordPress blog** Yes you can order more than 1 package.

This program is one which will give you visibility in a social media setting. It's important to know that we're tying this consulting into this as a way of keeping you accountable to your vision and your business in the social media settings. You will be talking about your business as well as expanding your presence in the social media circles. We'll coach you, guide you, and be there to support you should you run into waters you're not sure of swimming in.

Now because of the amount of work involved in this package and the amount of my time that you'll be receiving, we're only offering 5 of these packages and we put this out on twitter as well.

Don't waste time, get over and get signed up for this as they'll go before the day is over and this offer will not be repeated.

This brings the cost of the program down to just $2,100 For the value you're receiving this is an amazing deal.

Here's the link once again => http://tinyurl.com/lxkfe5 <=


Yet another fake paypal email

Just to share with you this one, I just received. Am highlighting the issues inside of if so you can see where the fakeness is:

So all the info in yellow is the fake things. PayPal did not send this. They don't use Outlook Express to send emails out. They always use your proper information and they never ask you to click a link in an email to verify anything.

The link below in the email will drop all sorts of things on your computer when you click it, so never do that in these emails, simply forward them to spoof@paypal.com and then delete the original email.



More fake holiday emails

Okay, here's two. The first is from BOFA (or supposedly from them), What the person sending it does not know is that I closed my BOFA account over 4 years ago and have never looked back at BOFA. So they send this email asking me to click a link. Not happening. What you can see in the header information of the email is that it's sent by some place in MEXICO it appears. OUCH.

This next one is from Sharebuilder. What's funny about this is that I have an account with them, but with a classified email address that they'll never figure out. The funny part about this message is that it's sent from OUTLOOK EXPRESS. I guess these guys could not afford a new netbook with Windows 7 yet!!!

The sad part about it is that someone else receiving this message may react quickly and click the link. Not a good thing. Just delete these messages when you see them, they are NOT from the place that they appear to have been sent from.

This email originates somewhere around Norway according to the tracking numbers in it. Best thing you can do is delete these. I dig into the header information in them just for kicks and to see what things people are doing.

Am not sure if a webinar would be helpful for some to cover this, but if so, let me know and we can put on one.
Remember to just delete these emails. Don't click on anything in them, and do not forward them to me, simply delete them.


Gotten one of these recently?

The picture below is from a FAKE email being sent around trying to get people to click links in them and go to websites, sign in with your information and give the crooks a way to:

a. steal your identity
b. empty your bank account
c. both

You'll see them more and more often around this time of the year. A lot of them from Paypal (it appears, but really not them). If you receive one of the paypal ones, simply forward the email to them at spoof@paypal.com and they will set out to alert all of their clients about it. They're really good about following up on them.

Please watch out during the holidays and don't get taken to the cleaners by some Scrooge.

Happy Thanksgiving to all in advance of the day.


When you're committed...

When you are truly committed to your vision, to what you desire to achieve, all will show up magically for you. If money is missing, check with your loving of you and knowing of selfworth. If resources are missing, are they what you really need now in this moment to be successful? If clients are missing, would you really be able to step up & be present with them, or would they be a distraction from you & the creation of the business. When you're ready for them, the universe will roll the red carpet out for them to walk up to and ring the doorbell. It's all about you, the love of you, your connection to you, and your love of all that is. Without love, nothing is possible.

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