OH GOD another celebrity died!!! Really??? And we care why??? What about CHICAGO!!!!!

With all the important things like celebrities dying, let's stop and remember anyone that we know of in Chicago who may have died since the first of THIS YEAR! These numbers are staggering and what's scary is there are so many more than just the few actors and musicians that vanished.

Think of how many of these people who've been shot/murdered who may have been scientists, Presidents, senators, city sanitation, truck drivers, cab drivers, pilots, musicians, actors, etc...But because of the crappy running of the city by Rahm Emmanuel and his crew...the carnage continues.

While we remember Princess Leia (just a character in a movie), Carrie Fisher who played the Princess and spouted lines written for her (and I have seen Star Wars more than 500 times since it came out, so don't think I'm not hurting!) and I remember when George Michael as part of WHAM came on the music scene long ago as well as David Bowie and others who've left us. While they're important, there is a larger picture that the media is asking people to miss.

That larger picture is the INEPT/INCOMPETENT management of AMERICA by Barack Obama & his ENTIRE ADMINISTRATION over the past 8 years.

BUT!!!! he got Bin Laden!!!! and then proceeded to play a boatload of golf, ignoring people in Louisiana completely, as well as other places. WAKE UP AMERICA!!

The WINDS OF TRUMP are picking up speed and when they blow through in January, AMERICA will wake up from the trance of implied HOPE & CHANGE and will see what REAL CHANGE is and will no longer have to HOPE only to have those hopes shattered by an impotent President named OBAMA.

That's MY take on things.

#trump #chicago #obama #rahm #murder #maga #tcot

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Michael Murdock, US NAVY VETERAN

New Clinton attack ad: 'Trump's embarrassment in Mexico'

Some of my thoughts regarding a story in the Washington Examiner at the following link:


Funny how the Clinton campaign puts out an ad about a successful visit by Donald Trump with the leader of another country. Hillary was too busy raising money to meet with the President of Mexico. She's "too good for him". Donald Trump says (with respect) "Mr. President, I'm free during the day on Wednesday, does that work for you?" and then flys down in a plane that he Donald pays for, brings his people and has a first meeting with the leader of a sovereign nation.

What we know based on history is that Hillary doesn't take meetings unless there's money given for the Clinton Foundation to siphon off its books so that Bill can eat, get his fill of travel and interns and so that Jehmu's family doesn't die (just google Jehmu & Clinton Foundation closing and you'll see).

Donald Trump looked great in Mexico, and Mexico will either directly or indirectly pay for the wall. They know it, Mr Trump knows it, and many others know it. What's funny is that the mainstream media is trying to drive Hillary to the White House. This woman has more skeletons in her closet than Arlington National Cemetery has on its grounds!

What the media if it had any stones should be doing is digging and finding out WHY OUR GOVERNMENT REFUSES to prosecute a woman who had 13 Blackberry devices receiving classified information as well as 5 iPads getting the same information and multiple devices now cannot be found and cannot be verified as destroyed.

But they're too busy bashing Donald Trump. We the People KNOW the Polls are doctored. We see the TRUMP events being PACKED with people and we here the crickets when Hillary has an event that she's not inviting the Orlando Shooter's Father to. We know she hates blacks and is just using them for their votes. We know that she and Bill have stolen much money, and that they can have people eliminated if they ask. We know this. We also know that AMERICA is much too big to have two people controlling it as if it was a dictatorship!!!

So, to the FBI, to the DOJ, unless you're being bribed or bought off, you OWE WE THE PEOPLE some justice and you've had an entire library of information handed to you with regards to these people, so how about doing what you're hired to do, which is to "defend the Constitution against ALL ENEMIES, foreign & domestic" and LOCK THESE DOMESTIC TERRORISTS UP. Yes, Bill & Hillary Clinton are domestic terrorists because what they and their foundation are doing is circumventing the laws and the Constitution of The United States of America and we the people are fed up with it.

The revolution is coming. It's name is Donald J Trump and it will ensure the people are protected and the Constitution is DEFENDED.

Michael Murdock, US NAVY VETERAN

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A few more thoughts on the Kaepernick "protest"

Don't misunderstand my ire at Colin Kaepernick as speaking against the Bill of Rights. If you go and read the 1st Amendment & all others, there is no implicit RIGHT TO PROTEST. It does not exist. What does is the right for a group to "peaceably assemble". That assembly is to be peaceful and not infringe on the rights of others.

The bastardization of the 1st Amendment and the right to peaceably assemble by groups like Black Lives Matter and others is tragic because they're kicking others rights to the curb and saying ONLY WE MATTER. That's not AMERICA. That's ANARCHY, and that's NOT what this country is about.

Yes, Colin Kaepernick has a right to protest the flag that flies over our country. I guess we should be thankful he didn’t run out grab one and set it on fire. He could have, and of course could have suffered great injury as many on the field at the time would not be sharing in his love of demeaning that which flies over our country in representation of our freedoms and those who fought to defend freedom and who do today.

I personally believe that his sitting was spitting in the face of all Veterans and Service persons and their families. Those who’ve paid the ultimate sacrifice for their decisions to serve our nation. Colin had the chance to SERVE our country. He chose not to. He chose to place that in the hands of others. The least he can do for doing that placing is to stand and hold a moment of prayer for them and all those who fell before them.

But in the end, he has the right to protest. We all do. Every single brick holder who bought bricks in the stadiumwalk that was created at Levi’s Stadium have the right to protest his behavior and to have our bricks pulled. That’s OUR RIGHT. Because we didn’t sign up to have our names tied to demeaning the flag of our country that flies over that sporting arena and all others in honor of our freedoms. I have filed my protest with Levi’s Stadium to have my brick pulled & destroyed. I have yet to hear back from them. I have also cc’d all BAY AREA NEWS organizations on that request. NONE of them have responded to my letter either. AMAZING.

That flag separates us from other countries that if he was there and tried the same thing, they’d take him out and execute him in public for that offense. We don’t do that. We tolerate it, but we also have a right to speak against his demonstration.

Lastly, since his protest against “police brutality” and discrimination against blacks in our country, what has Colin Kaepernick done to help those communities? How many Police has he met with? I know of several very visible members of Police organizations around our country that have rolled out the red carpet for Colin to meet with them and share his ideas on how to remedy these problems. He’s met with NONE OF THEM. He’s stood up and screamed FIRE in a CROWDED theater and then sat down and laughed.

WE THE PEOPLE ARE NOT LAUGHING! If the 49er’s paid me just 1 year of his salary, I would take that $19Million dollars and change so many lives that it would make Kaepernick’s head spin. I DARE YOU SAN FRANCISCO!!! Write me that check and I will truly change so many lives you’ll want to keep paying me o that I can keep your kindness for others in the forefront of the news forever. Let’s see the 49er’s step up. I HAVE PLANS, I HAVE TEAM that can execute on my plans and you’ll come out smelling like a HUGE ROSE, instead of like CRAP due to Kaepernick’s “protest” so that you don’t cut him.

Michael Murdock, US NAVY VETERAN
@docmurdock on twitter

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Should they stay or should they go...

When you are going to be a Senator in the United States of America, you will be given an Oath. The text of that oath is below:

Oath of Office

I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter: So help me God.

This is an oath similar to the one I took when I joined the Navy long ago. It's something that myself and other Veterans take seriously and to heart. It is however one that some Senators take very callously because they will use their office title to lie and deceive.

Let's look at Senator Ted Cruz, Senator Marco Rubio, Former Governor Jeb Bush, and CURRENT GOVERNOR John Kasich.

Now, these are persons who are supposed to uphold certain laws, in the case of a Governor, to sign their name on an order of DEATH for another human being at times, they are persons to whom great trust is given.

What seems to be the problem then you might be asking. Don't these guys all uphold and stand for the truth?

No, they don't.

They ALL ran against Donald Trump in the Presidential Campaign against Donald Trump. They ALL BEGGED for a PLEDGE to be created that each of them would sign, and at the end of all the races, if they were not the winner and the nominee, that they would get behind and put their full support behind the nominee. NONE OF THEM HONORED that PLEDGE. Donald Trump did. He won the contests, he became the nominee and he put his full support behind himself! Yes, you have to support yourself if you end up winning.

The others said "Oh, I'm not voting for him, Oh, make sure you vote your conscience, Oh, well I'm voting for Hillary, and of course Oh I'm the Governor of Ohio and I need something to eat!

So here's the question that I as a voter, as a Veteran, as a US CITIZEN, that I want to know. We're supposed to TRUST Governors and Senators and Congressmen and more, right? If that's true, then how can they be allowed to outrightly LIE on a SIGNED PLEDGE, and still remain in office?

How is that possible that these people can LIE & mislead the NATION on NATIONAL TV and still remain in positions of TRUST?

I say that the following people should be removed from office immediately and fined an amount each of no less than $300 Million US Dollars, and this amount must come from their own money. It cannot come from donations, or existing donor funds. If they don't have it, then they need to submit to 6 months in jail, and not country club jail. Each of them would report to TENT CITY in ARIZONA to Sheriff Joe Arpaio for their time at hard labor:



Governor John Kasich of OHIO

Governor Jeb Bush (Former Governor of Florida)

Basically $1 for each registered voter, that includes living & dead ones that they're planning on using in the upcoming election, and that $300 Million be donated to the VETERANS through various vetted organizations:

Lastly, that ALL of these individuals be prohibited from EVER running for, holding, or being ELECTED TO ANY PUBLIC OFFICE in the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA and any of it's territories or possessions.

Why? Simply because they demanded that a pledge be created to prevent Donald Trump from running as a 3rd party candidate. He did not run as one. He ran as a Republican candidate and never quit the party. He did say that he would if he was not treated fairly. The party treated him fairly and he stuck with the party. He HONORED his pledge. His word is his bond. The others spit in the face of every voter. They walked on the graves of every soldier, sailor, airman, marine, guardsman buried in Arlington National Cemetery.

I believe it's time that we started petitions to have each of them removed and allow them to take full responsibility for lying to the American Public.

In this country we allow politicians to get away with murder in many cases, and lying in others. Perhaps it's time that we begin to change, to shift this country into a higher vibration of love, peace, joy, abundance, and holding accountable those in higher offices.

Just my thoughts. If they resonate with you, please give $1 to help a Veteran get a meal!!

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Thanks for reading and sharing this along.

Michael Murdock, US NAVY VETERAN

Nominating a Woman for President...no time for celebrating

I would be cheering today for the historical significance of nominating a woman to be President of the United States, but...the amount of negativity surrounding this, the deception, the deceit, the lies, the maneuvering, the disenfranchising of Voters across all states, across all racial makeups, across all ages...But I cannot in good faith and honoring of principles even bend a moment of my time to congratulate anyone who has basically stolen a race.

Yes, I am a TRUMP supporter. A RABID TRUMP SUPPORTER they call me. At least with regards to my candidate he beat the field fair and square until the last 3 contestants quit, and in the end he won the delegate count by a staggering amount, but it was done above board, it was done with a few jabs here and there but it was not an underhanded deceptive theft of candidates and delegates as the DNC version has been.

I hang my head in sorrow this day because a historical event has happened in the USA and yet the person who won is so unfit to be the leader of this nation and should really be referred to by the title which she will eventually wear:

Good Afternoon INMATE CLINTON, sit down. Parole? Oh no, no this is not a parole hearing. HA HA HA Is that what they told you? Well...April fools!!!!! You're here for LIFE!!!! HA HA HA HA HA!!!

Oh yes President Trump sends his love... NOPE!!! Gotcha again... Damn you've been punk'd for the last...oh 6 years now!!! No...all that crap you promised? No...way!!! People went and voted for TRUMP so big and guess what, he MADE AMERICA A PROUD NATION ONCE AGAIN!! Racial divide? HELL NO!!! That's all healed and life is amazing!!

Bill? Damn that boy was running for the Lincoln bedroom for a reunion with Monica, but she fell, he went sailing past her, flipped in the air and became impaled on a...hmmm...how do we say this gingerly....(whisper, whisper, whisper) oh yes...it was a DICK!!!

(Well we can dream now can't we) :-) Who knows, sometimes dreams do come true.

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God bless!!!


BLACKLIVESMATTER!! What? Yes, I did say that...

and I'm going to say a LOT more in a second.

First let me get something off my chest. I am sorry that Philando Castille died. I am truly sorry that a man was shot in a car in front of a young girl of 4 who is the most composed kid on the planet after having 4 - 5 gunshots (est., I wasn't there) go off and potentially even end up in the body of the car she was sitting in while her, her mother known as "Lavish" and Mr. Castille drove along on July the 6th.

No kid should have to witness such a thing. Yes, BlackLivesMatter. Not that organization mind you, but actual black lives. Black people. Some people have other names for them. I don't my Dad raised me to be respectful and for YEARS I have been told by Black people in my life to call them Black.

Yes, I am sorry he was shot. But I am also sorry that what we see on the video posted to Facebook Live is INCOMPLETE. It's not a full record of the car moving, being pulled over, waiting for the policeman to either enter information into his car computer, or to call into the station to report his location, give license make and model of the vehicle, etc., all the while Mr. Castille was perhaps moving his gun around to where he could get to it? Or was he looking for his license and registration? Or was he dealing with Lavish yelling at him for being pulled over and perhaps them getting caught with drugs (see her video from July 4th posted online of her smoking weed in the car while her daughter was in a confined space breathing that in at age 4).

What all happened before the 4-5 shots rang out? Why wasn't that kid screaming or shaking? Why wasn't Lavish screaming or shaking? Her loved one had just had 4-5 slugs at close range plugged into his arm (the cop shot his arm off!! she said in the video), the arm was not shot off, it was still attached. How LONG were they sitting there with Mr Castille Bleeding out before Ms Lavish turned on her phone to go live with the world while Mr Castille was moaning and groaning and bleeding out?

How long did she let him bleed before she turned on the phone??? 1 Minute? 5 Minutes? She could have dialed 911 and left the line open and had the entire episode be recorded by police and have a LIVE BOYFRIEND, but she wanted to get the video done as she'd done so many times. 

Those are some questions I have. Those are questions I would be wanting answers to if I was going to sit on a jury. Those are questions that Castille's family should be asking Ms. Lavish and her GoFundMe account that is raising funds for her.

Yes, Black Lives Matter. You're damn right they do. Mr. Castille's life mattered. We don't know his actions before the video came on, because conveniently the camera was left off. Ms Lavish had done videos many times before. We know, we can search for them on the internet and they are everywhere! She could have had that camera on for the entire stop. She didn't. WHY???

Mr Castille's life matters to me. I pray for him. I think he was with someone who didn't want the best for him. Why? Because based on what I saw, she was too busy talking to her audience than she was to RENDER AID to someone who she witnessed being shot. Being a MOM, she would know how to do certain things. Moms have instincts. They have unique powers when someone they love is mistreated or hurt. They know how to stop bleeding.

Under the statutes of the State of Minnesota there is one which interested me in particular. DUTY to Render Aid, here's the link to the page for it: https://www.revisor.mn.gov/statutes/?id=609.662

Basically that page says that if you see someone get shot you have a duty to render aid to that victim. She didn't render any aid. Recording a video is NOT rendering aid. There is no direct pressure placed on the bullet entries to stop or slow bleeding. There is no bandaging being done, there is no calling 911 and telling them that there's a murderous cop holding them there while the love of her life bleeds out "Oh god don't tell me that he just went like that" (he was still groaning and moving in the video for more than a minute and a half from when she started the recording. He'd been shot for how many minutes before that? We don't know "yet".

Anyway, people are attacking cops without all the facts in these cases. I am truly sorry that Mr. Castille died. But he did not completely die at the gun of a policeman. He died because his girlfriend did not do what any decent human being would do for their loved one and that is to help them in their time of need.

Something to think about as you ride around with Ms. Lavish in your car, if you get pulled over and shot will she help you out? Or will she put on some makeup and say "lights, camera, action, time to go LIVE ON FACEBOOK!!"

In my opinion, FACEBOOK should remove her video from ever being played on their site. Why? Because it shows that she allowed a human being to die in her presence while she could have gotten her butt out of the car with hands up wayyyy before she went live and allowed Mr Castille to be helped.

I believe she's guilty of his death as well.

My prayers are for Mr. Castille, his family, and for the facts to be shown that he could have been saved. Once that's done, for all those screaming from the tops of buildings and protesting to take a step back and take a deep breath and say "SHIT!!!! Maybe we shouldn't all jump on the BLACK LIVES MATTER TRAIN so damn quickly, because in the end, we might be wrong about what happened."

God Bless ALL who read this. It's a tough read.

We're the Press! We have the right to distort the truth!

actually, the press is part of the problem, not part of the solution. We the people are being duped by the press daily and some of us never stand up to say STOP!

Fortunately, I was raised to stand up and say STOP!!!

Huffington Post printed a picture today of Donald Trump and attached to it an incomplete quote to try and anger many people. They were successful. Unfortunately people you have been duped by the Huffington Post. Manipulated, Lied to just as our government sees fit to do on a daily basis.

Here's what the Huffington Post wrote:


What Donald Trump really said was this:

"Appreciate the congrats for being right on radical Islamic terrorism, I don't want congrats, I want toughness & vigilance. We must be smart!"

So the Huffington Post believes it is serving the memory of those who died in Orlando by bashing the one person who wants to stand up for AMERICA and lead us in a way that gets those who would want to harm us to think many times before actually doing something.

CONTEXT & COMPLETE QUOTES are KEY in this world!

Lying to the American public has been something the press has done to serve itself for many, many years. They do it to get the most advertising clicks in the world of money for clicks on the internet. This story has probably made them over $500,000.00 in the time it's been running. They should have to give that money to the people of Orlando and those who've cared for the dead and the wounded.

I'd like to see them held accountable by Trump's legal team for this and perhaps other stories that they've twisted and contorted.

Don't believe everything you read. I have nothing to gain by twisting this around. I hope those reading this will understand that they take advantage of us daily. We should demand the truth be printed and that those advertisers paying them should reconsider their investments and demand that the truth win out over deception. We deserve so much better.

If this writing resonates with you. TWEET or POST ON FACEBOOK and call out The Huffington Post & Arianna Huffington for their LIES.

Best regards,

Michael Murdock, US NAVY VETERAN

 Image from Huffington Post with clipped sentence. Period added after terrorism where in reality there's a comma after that word and the rest of a sentence.

 Image of Donald Trump actual tweet with complete sentence showing so that it cannot be misunderstood.


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“I don’t trust Trump with the Nuclear codes”!!! REALLY??? WHY??? Do you think he can magically push a button and launch every weapon we have just on a whim??


Just because he has the codes, has the football in hand, has entered in everything that needs to be entered…there are OTHER FAILSAFES IN PLACE.

So all of you pussies and I use the word against any one of these damn flakes out there who ran against TRUMP and who he handily drove into the pavement and through it with the shear force of the VOTERS OF THIS COUNTRY. STAND DOWN YOU IDIOTS!!!

You all talk of UNITY. You’re all full of shit and should be removed from your positions for crapping on our country just as badly as the current occupants of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.


Now, you want to do something great? You want to do something special? You want to show you’re a part of the solution and not part of the problem??? THEN UNIFY!!! GET BEHIND DONALD J TRUMP. SHOW THE MAN SOME RESPECT, and UNIFY THE GODDAMNED PARTY!!

He went against all of you, including the party, including that collection of asshats known simply as “NeverTrump” (because they have no balls to stand up and say “THIS IS ME” because they know people will pull business from them, pull money from them and send them to the streets.

HE BEAT EVERYONE!! Including the party base who’s been fighting him from the beginning!! GET BEHIND THE MAN, UNIFY and STOP LISTENING TO GODDAMNED MITT ROMNEY WHO LOST TO OBAMA, HELPED CREATE ISIS and has blood on his hands because of his idiocy!! He’s a damned has-been who never should be again.

VOTE TRUMP, SUPPORT TRUMP, and also, lastly, understand that as a citizen of this country, IF Donald Trump does not feel he’s being treated fairly in a court of law and does not speak up, he’s paving a way for a lot of other people to be crapped on by an unfair legal system. THANK THE MAN FOR STANDING UP FOR RIGHTS HE BELIEVES IN!!!

The GUY has MORE BALLS than ANY OTHER CANDIDATE, and HE WANTS what’s GREAT FOR AMERICA!! WHY would you fight that? Why would you fight someone who wants AMERICA to PROSPER, for her PEOPLE to PROSPER, for OUR COUNTRY TO COME TOGETHER instead of be victims to the divisive nature of OBAMA’s “Let me blow sunshine up your ass and bring CHANGE”! TRUMP WANTS REAL CHANGE FOR AMERICA.

AMERICA IS GREAT, but…she’s been beaten up by OBAMA and his lack of vision. By his dividing our people against each other. By his lack of true leadership, and by him allowing a Secretary of State named Hillary Clinton to KILL AMERICANS IN BENGHAZI and let her get away with it. SHE has violated her oath to NOT SHARE DOCUMENTS with others. It’s a blanket agreement. We all sign one when we enlist in service to our country. She spits on the graves of the fallen with her callous attitude of “Catch me if you can”. Well Mrs. Clinton, we have your ass and we are going to make mince meat out of it for the entire world to see, and we are going to lock you up forever because YOU MADAM have NO RIGHT TO BE PRESIDENT OF MY UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

DONALD TRUMP DOES. I STAND WITH HIM. He is MUCH MORE DESERVING OF THE OFFICE than you will EVER BE. God Bless Donald J Trump, a BILLIONAIRE who had things to do, but decided he LOVES AMERICA more than all of that, and dove head first into a race laced with vipers and came out on top of the pile standing tall, proud and ready to fight FOR AMERICA FIRST. God Bless him and his entire family. THEY ROCK in my book!

This letter is written with “ALL DUE RESPECT”. For some like Mr Donald J. Trump there is MUCH DUE RESPECT. For some like Mrs Clinton there is NOT ONE IOTA OF DUE RESPECT.

Sincerely yours,

Michael E. Murdock, US NAVY DISABLED VETERAN and the VERY PROUD SON of LCDR Walter E. Murdock & Vincenza Murdock (who are both buried in ARLINGTON NATIONAL CEMETERY, ARLINGTON VIRGINIA).

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MakeAmericaGreat.com selling provides me the ability to self-fund a major undertaking of creating a lasting memory site for Veterans and their families as well as a way for the foundation that will be created in the name of my parents to accept donations and to funnel those to support projects which benefit Veterans and are being done on behalf of them that are seen on SharkTank on ABCTV.

AmericaIsGreatAgain.com selling allows me to make a large donation to Veterans and then to be able to administrate projects as well as help others with their lives when they might need some additional help. Anyone who buys these your privacy will be maintained and identity not disclosed unless you wish it to be. I'll also be having some things printed and if you want to be known you will be on every printed item as a donor towards helping Veterans which will help your business thrive. 

AMERICA WELCOMED ME, a kid born in England who CHOSE to become an AMERICAN CITIZEN and I SERVED in the US NAVY during the IRAN HOSTAGE CRISIS PROUDLY. I WANT TO GIVE BACK and this is my way of doing that in a HUGE WAY. I HOPE SOMEONE out there has the BALLS LIKE ME to step up and help move this forward instead of BASHING the guy who BEAT ALL ODDS to become the soon to be NOMINEE of THE REPUBLICAN PARTY for PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, DONALD J. TRUMP



REMEMBER BENGHAZI!!!!! - And to those families of the brave who died there, Ambassador Chris Stevens, Information Officer Sean Smith, Former SEALS Glen Doherty & Tyrone Woods, my prayers to your spirits and your families. THANK GOD for you being where you were, when you were. Our hearts are saddened by your loss, we will NEVER, EVER forget you, NOR will we DENY YOU as MRS. CLINTON SO CALLOUSLY DOES ALWAYS. RIP.

**** If this has inspired you. Made you think about Voting for TRUMP, made you feel a PRIDE In AMERICA, please think about making a donation of ANY amount to the following link(s): (some like using paypal also. the cash.me link is through the makers of SQUARE & has no fees). This donation is to help me, the Veteran writing this. I don't get paid for my thoughts.


Right Now I am not working, have lost my service dog (she died on 12/15/15) both of my parents, virtually everything I own, as well as a marriage and am not doing well health-wise. 

Every dollar helps. Of course if you know anyone that can help with the quest to get MakeAmericaGreat.com & AmericaIsGreatAgain.com sold, that will not only allow me to resolve all of my personal issues, but also to help many others in this life, and allow me to administrate those activities and ensure the projects succeed.

Thank you and GOD BLESS YOU!!

She was grabbed & thrown to the ground...by him!

Really? My first thought was damn if I ever run across that Corey Lewandowski, I’ll take out 4 years of frustrations on him just for grabbing that reporter and throwing her down like that…what a bastard!!!

Many people thought the same thing, although they probably don’t have the ire that I do with 4 years of loss in California, parents, money, marriage, memories and more. But still to read on twitter so many people claiming that someone had forcefully thrown a woman to the ground, my other hope was that cops would have taken him and worked him over with nightsticks.

But then pictures started to come out, then videos, then…overhead security videos…the truth…this reporter would have been roughed up more at a Black Friday opening at Walmart than she was at this press conference in the ballroom of a Trump owned property. In fact, with this many people around, if she’d be tossed around like a ragdoll as was claimed by the writer who was detailed enough to say that “finger shaped bruises appeared on her arm”…I think they both would have been arrested, and the guy Corey doing all that beating up would have been trampled by the crowd.

With me, my reactive self took off in defense of this woman that I’d never met and the guy who’d beaten on her…yes I was counting the days until Trump came back to Arizona to make my move.

More research reveals that as the group of press people moved to the back of the room, Secret Service agents moved her away from Mr Trump, and then when she persisted, Corey ran interference, grabbed for a split second in the form of “Excuse me, move aside” and he got her away from Mr Trump’s side and kept moving. He didn’t stop, didn’t throw her to the ground, and didn’t kick or bite her as the police report implied mentioning weapons used as Hands, Fists, Teeth, Feet.

The fact that Corey went in a continuous motion told me that whoever was doing the writing was blowing things out of proportion. In doing more research I found out the writer of the “facts” was the guy in a maroon & white checkered shirt (really bad taste dude), who was also heard in an audio recording as saying “Wow, he really threw you down”, and interesting enough, this guy in the video that was shown by the overhead security footage barely had to assist the “victim” known as Michelle Fields. Doing additional reading on the web about Ms Fields, apparently she had a knack for being a victim when cameras were around to capture things. Was she the shooter behind the fence on the grassy knoll? I’ll have to go back and look through reams of JFK Dealey Plaza footage to see, but I think she might have been there.

Did I write an apology to Corey right away? No. I held back on things to see what would develop as this “case” moved forward. I watched more and more and then all of a sudden there was a notice of the District Attorney NOT BRINGING ANY CHARGES against Corey.

I tweeted out an apology to him because I went off what I first heard which to me was a guy had man handled a woman and needed to be taught a lesson. He needs to be applauded for doing his job, making sure that Mr Trump was on his way out the door and was not impeded by someone who had been told by Secret Service not to approach a candidate and she basically via additional footage stalked him from a distance like a hunter watching a target. If she’d been an assassin we’d have a whole other group of people “zapruder-ing” the footage frame by frame and the fbi/cia and others would be changing the footage to throw off conspiracy people as they’ve done with the many films from Dealey Plaza that day long ago.

Thank Goodness this was not the case. We only have a woman who may need to be examined by someone for her apparent personality disorder which requires that she basically throw herself into a situation where she doesn’t belong and then get as much attention as she can for her cause. Additionally she had two guys, one who was there, one who wasn’t, and some others who were caught trying to lie for her who bailed out of the picture as they realized this was going to get big and nothing would end up in their pockets.

Sad that this has distracted from the TRUMP campaign as it has. Lastly there’s a collection of people on Twitter who were throwing Corey to the lions and demanding he be fired. Their bosses should look at all of them and summarily fired for their stands which were so far off base you can’t find them without binoculars.

Corey, I am sorry I jumped to conclusions. I stand against abuse against women, men, kids, elders and animals. I trusted that the man was writing the truth and not lying his face off about it because he thought he’d get laid by the victim. Pretty sad when that happens. What happened to you and your family during this time never should have happened.

It’s great to see how Mr Trump stood by you and believed in you when the other candidates in this election said “well he should be fired right now”. We know that TRUMP will STAND with AMERICA and make sure we’re taken care of too. The other candidates will abandon America and that’s not what we need.

God bless, keep up the great work, and thanks again for looking out for our candidate.

Michael Murdock, US NAVY VETERAN

What did he really say?

Last night during the Trump event held for Veterans there was a lot of talk on twitter about the money and where would it be going. 

At one point I did a search just to see what was happening out in the world of social media. The search on twitter that I did was simply:

trump pockets money

What I found out was there were a TON of people making accusations about whether or not Trump would actually channel money raised at his event to help Veterans.

Below is just a sample of a couple of people spouting off making accusations about misuse of funds:

So then I sent a tweet to the campaign manager, see below:

The idea being that when you’re doing something like this, do a press release to clarify where funds will be going to and where they won’t be going to.
Some said that at the event there was list of places where funds were going to be going.

If someone was in a position to do an event around Veterans and not disperse the funds appropriately the uprising would be nationwide and they’d be able to say they screwed their own chances at being elected because there’d be so many voting for others it would make their campaign worthless.

I got so much flak for even asking the question it’s mind blowing. “You’re full of shit”. “You’re a Hillary supporter” and a few other choice things I won’t be sharing here.

In the future, people should actually read tweets before being so reactive in nature.

There are people who will question where the 6+ Million dollars goes to. I’m not one of them because I have faith that the candidate that I am backing is in this race and is standing in a place of integrity. For them not to would be out of alignment with what they’ve been displaying so far along the path.

When you are in a spot of taking in money for a cause, it’s always good to have something handy to share with people that says “Here’s what we’re going to be doing with the money” so that if there are questions, they are answered quickly and people can move onto other things.

And for the record: I am a SUPPORTER of DONALD TRUMP’s campaign. I am a Republican and will be voting for him should he be the nominee. I am also a US NAVY DISABLED VETERAN.

If those things that I’ve written above do not agree with you…perhaps you should find other coattails to hang onto because I’m never changing my position unless: 1. He is not the nominee. 2. Something crooked is found out about dispersement of funds meant for Veterans. 3. He drops from the race.

Thanks for reading.