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Welcome to the new age of introductions. My name is Michael Murdock, formerly PIXAR's MAC Guy from 1991-1997, credited in Toy Story and you've just stepped onto the roller coaster of technology ZEN.
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Chat with you all soon!


Let's take a step out onto a limb here a bit and discuss something of concern to all. Want to throw out a scenario to you and see how you feel about this. I believe you can comment back on these postings, so please do.

A company on the internet engaged in one form of business has some bad luck doing some things, angers a bunch of people, its upper management gets into some kind of disagreement, one partner leaves, one stays and things shift.

If this sounds like any company out there...well it should because you know who you are, and you sort of brought this on yourself when you asked someone to call me on my weekend and try to sell me something :)

The sale is NOT the problem. The problem is the lack of listening (the person on the phone spoke perfect english), but when he was requested or actually informed that I was not interested, it was like talking to a brick wall to get him to stop. Finally I hung up on him after requesting that my number be removed from their list and that we not be contacted again.

The phone was silent until today. The very same individual called and when I asked him "Do you remember calling me yesterday, being told I was not interested, and asking for you to remove me from your list?" He said "Oh yeah that was you, so I'd like to sell you this product/service, what kind of business are you in?"

I was a bit taken back by it. First thought was he's green, so I'll speak to his supervisor and ask him to get me off the list
"Pardon me, do you have a supervisor I could speak with about this?" and he replied ", so can we help you with the financial needs of your business, what did you say those were again?". I hung up on him again.

What some companies do when they don't listen to people is they turn them off for future business. Now in the days of old, it was a bit difficult to get the attention of many people and some could care less about what happened at that point in time. Then along came this thing called the Internet and in recent years this thing called TWITTER. Thank GOD for TWITTER.

I say thank GOD for TWITTER because as I am writing this, I know that the CEO of that company is reading a direct message from me and that when he sees this email he's going to say HOLY SH*T I can't believe what I am reading amidst everything else that is going on with my company now this has to happen.

It's pretty simple Mr. CEO of that company that for the moment will remain nameless. There are some of us in the SEO community that do not wish to be engaged by your company for any reason, much less to be provided with funding. You're NOT in the funding business, and if you are, you're newborns compared to the people who we refer that segment of business to so we're not interested in trusting you with our capital or anyone else's that we know of. We have funding sources to refer out to and we're quite happy with them.

The lesson here is one that's pretty simple:

A. TREAT EVERY CUSTOMER Like they have a TWITTER account. Most of them do. Address their concerns immediately as this can be pretty instant a reflection on you and what you're doing out there.

B. If you have people in your organization ignoring the privacy laws and persisting in phone harassment some states consider this stalking and seek prosecution based on that.

C. There is always another customer out there, if you're doing a legit business, the only want to actually increase your NO count on the way to a YES is to call unique, new clients, not going back to the well just to get a NO. Karmically it has an opposite effect and leaves you stuck.

D. Pay close attention to all of the previous as they will save you from being embarrassed and people asking you for a refund because they don't wish to be associated with your products, nor promote them.

So Mr CEO of Mr. Company that is to remain nameless for now, do myself, my family and our privacy a favor and respect that which you and your phone droids seem to have such a blatant disregard for. It's in really bad taste what you're doing and it will not be tolerated much longer.

Thanks so much for honoring this simple yet for your people, a seemingly impossible request.

Kind regards,

Michael Murdock, CEO


Was fun today running all over town searching for things for my daughter's first birthday. Well not her first, but my first with her. See she was born 26 years ago and her 27th is this next week. We only met 2 months ago and my life has not been the same since then, so to go shopping for her for something she's going to really love and cherish made this day very special for me.

 The other fun thing was to call her and play with her a bit, I'd call her, her phone would be busy, she'd call me, my phone would be busy, at one point I left her a funny message, she called back and I pretended that I was a voicemail message before I could beep, she'd hung up the phone. We both laughed when I called her back and she apologized profusely for hanging up on me. "You sounded so much like a recording" she said. We both broke out laughing. Now she's just tickled that on Monday she'll receive a package from me. She's telling everyone that this is her first birthday with her real father.

 Now that's where this is amazing. Being a real father, being a father, or a parent, being chosen by an angel to bring them into this world is something special that many are gifted with, yet they don't take seriously, or they discount it, or rebel against it. Obviously it's all choice, we choose our parents who chose their parents, etc. Just that when we come into the human experience we forget all that and chock it all up to just some thing that happened along the way and so on.

 I am so grateful and humbled that an angel chose me as a parent. Chose my girlfriend of the time as her mother. Out of all of the others out there, we were chosen to bring this one into this life and to give her the choice to be here, to learn, to live, to grow and to share her light with many. We're truly blessed. She is amazing.

 So what things did you do this day, did you venture out in the world to share with others. Did you connect with you? To the light that is you? Did you take time to let your heart know that you care for it and let your body know how appreciative you are of it being able to carry you around and take care of your energy as it does? If not, take a DocMurdock Love Break and HUG you. Tell you that you love you and that you are grateful to you for being the you that you are. Your body, your heart, your soul will thank you for that moment that you do this in.

 You are so deserving of the great light that you are and of all the wondrous things coming to you in this lifetime. Just opening up your heart and creating a space of allowing them to come in and be with you will help you manifest so much more in this life.

 I want to take a moment to share with you some words from some who speak with me often. They share life in this time from a somewhat broader perspective and I am honored to be able to share these things as they stream through me to you.

 We see much. We see the ones who struggle, the ones who break free, the ones who question and the ones who are in the place of knowing and understanding. We see them all. What's fun for us to see is those who were struggling and all of a sudden they get into that place, that moment of being open to receiving and that space of allowing, then they simply ask of the universe that which they've desired to have come forth and when it does their eyes and smile light up like stars in the sky on a clear night. We see the joy, we see the sorrow, we feel the happiness and the pain, but we also see the promise in those who commit to themselves, to honoring the light that they are, to trusting in the knowing that they can achieve all, and those who take the time to breathe, to seek peace, and to just simply be present in the moment with themselves, for when they are, they receive into their hearts the clarity that shows them the path to take to achieve that next step that they've tasked themselves to achieve. You are one of those people, you have the love in you. We see this. You have the desire in you. We see that. We also see the fear that you have, the questions you have and the breathing that if you took a moment to do, all would become clearer to you. We're here to support you, to guide you, to share with you the wisdom of ages, all you merely need to do is close your eyes, and through the asking you shall see what you will be doing next to achieve that which you seek. And so it is.

 Thanks for taking the time to read this. I hope you enjoy the story of my daughter Amanda. I am so proud of the wonderful woman she's become. I am so thankful to her Mom for raising her and also for sharing with her our story and lastly I am thankful to my wife for standing beside me as this wonderful gift came into our lives. We are forever changed and forever in a state of gratitude for all. I am forever grateful for those of you who come to read and appreciate this.

 Bless you this night and all the days that follow.

 Michael Murdock

Shoutback...Apologize to Microsoft? ARE YOU HIGH?

Apologize to Microsoft? Okay, who's the prankster that let that idiot write a story like that.

Obviously he's a Microsoft proponent who has a stick up his backside over something that he could not get on the iTunes Store because it was developed in direct conflict with the rules set aside for developers of apps for the iPhone.

GET OVER IT. Apologize to this (insert very large middle finger right here).

Get a clue. When you're developing something to sell for a platform that is structured, you either follow the rules of the provider or your app does not ship. Google broke the rules. They know it.

They tried a fast one and they're paying the price for it. Apple has rules for development as well as a look and feel for its applications. They are called Interface Guidelines for a reason. They're tested, they're refined and they're very consistent which makes it easy to know you're on a Mac or an iPhone because of the way things function.

Apple had to bend its own rules for development on the PC to put certain things in certain places, but they did it. Apple's apps still look better on a PC than other PC apps do. Why? Because they're still solidly developed apps with a basis in human interface to machine design. Microsoft on the other hand has consistently produced bad software and has ruthlessly copied Apple from day 1.

Now, why don't you go and write something from Microsoft Apologizing to MILLIONS of people for having screwed up their computers with the ever-loving always on Mail Preview in Outlook Express & Windows Mail which allows an html resident trojan to be launched the moment a mail message is opened? Why don't you do that because I personally know of more than 10,000 companies that lost BILLIONS in downtime because of that little error.

Did Microsoft ever cop to it and annie up any dead presidents over that? NOPE. What did they do? VISTA!!! Wooohooo!!! Vista with all it's issues and OH the upgrade price...many flavors and wait for it!!!! YOU NEED to BUY A NEW COMPUTER BEFORE YOU CAN USE IT!!!

(DO NOT COMPARE SNOW LEOPARD to this as Apple has been telling people for more than a year that it will only run on an Intel Mac). Microsoft led everyone down a rosy path and then with only a few months till launch said "Oh, but you'll have to buy this and that and the other")

So before you go apologizing for Silicon Valley as a whole, you really should go back to school and do your research as some of us have busted our asses to clean up the messes that Microsoft has perpetuated on our clients, not the little miniscule amounts of things that you're trying turn into Mountains related to what Apple is being put into the news over. some research on your stories because some of the 'facts' you purport like ALL NEWS PEOPLE are somewhat contorted to "make the news".

Pretty sad and lame.

Michael Murdock, CEO

and MORE than happy to sit down and discuss Microsoft, Apple, and technology in general with ANYONE.