Get A Page Like This!!

So you've created this great product, you've got everything ready to go, you're ready to put it on the web...OH SHOOT!! We forgot to build a page for this!!!
You know you can sell 100 of these right away, but your designer is on vacation and you've no where else to turn! You start shopping around with others and you find out that they want $5000, $10,000 or more just to put up a page for you. Can you do this yourself? You could if you knew how. What can you do?

Have you ever been in that situation?

I personally know of people that have LOST thousands and even hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue by missing a key piece to their marketing puzzle. The squeeze page, and the sales page.

The Squeeze page is the wind up to the marketing of your product. Basically you have a page set up, you're showing a video, talking about your product or service, or you simply have a picture and a name capture form that gets name/email/phone (optional) from people visiting your site that you're talking about at events, or promoting on facebook or twitter, and you're building your list to market to when your product or service is ready.

The Sales page is the PITCH. You're there in your video, you're talking about the product or service, you're giving people a chance to Add to Cart and get your product or service quickly. Maybe you have testimonials about your work, it's a refined piece of advertising. Your logo is on top, you've got some nice colors happening, people feel good about what they're seeing, you're establishing trust and then comes the opportunity to sell them the product and give them a thank you page where they can download information, get your product, or simply be told to watch out for the email coming to them requesting more information.

With the cost of domains and hosting, it's a wonder that more people don't have these out there, but they don't and they lose thousands each day for their business lacking these key marketing tools.

We're here to change that and we're doing it for a great price. This is an investment in your business. It's an ongoing tool to serve you and your products and services, getting you a quick marketing arm out there to bring people to your site, to create that list and give you a flock of customers to market/sell to who WANT TO KNOW ABOUT YOUR PRODUCTS.

So where's the catch? You can read more about things on the website at see the video, read about our PREMIER package that includes your hosting for your site(s), and the domain name as well. We're ready to help you and your business be seen by many, and then be able to deliver to them quickly your offerings.

If you're shopping around for a Squeeze Page/Sales Page and want to know the quickest way to get one, you'll want to get to our site immediately and sign up. We still have a few spots left open on this and once they're gone, then the $997 price will go away.

We'd hate for you to miss out on something that will change your presence on the web in a good way. Don't waste time, get over to right now.

Thanks for taking time out of your day to read this. Happy Sunday!


Allen West Letter to President Obama

I hope this is readable, especially by people like Mike Madden, Mrs. Hancock, Eugene Dittler and passed along to others so that we can all receive an answer from our current 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue OCCUPANT. Personally as a VET, I'd like to know "What were you thinking?" Who were you looking out for? What were you protecting by turning someone like this over to someone who was going to wash their hands of this matter while our brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, aunts, uncles, cousins, etc., die to protect our freedom?

Why in UNIVERSE should you be re-elected to the highest office in the land? So that as Oprah put it in India you can "make mistakes?" Do that on YOUR TIME, NOT ON OURS!

And...have some balls to step up and explain things like this. You can google "allen west letter to president" to see how broad this one has gone. It's MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND. A weekend where we HONOR our passed service people, as well as those who still are out there working and watching and marching and fighting to keep our shores as free as they are.

Mr. President...Can you step up to the mic and give us an answer? (insert the sound of a billion crickets here).

Of course if the image I posted is not readable it will be on posterous when I repost this.


And for those VETS out there who like me stand in a moment of silence this weekend/tomorrow for our fallen brothers/sisters/fathers/mothers/family I say THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE. THANK YOU FOR STANDING WITH ME FOR OUR COUNTRY. I HONOR YOU. I BLESS YOU. I WISH YOU GOD SPEED.

And for all of the active duty personnel, no matter what branch of service. THANK YOU for doing what you do, wherever you do it, in the name of the Stars & Stripes which fly over this land and which serve as a beacon to those who would desire a better way of being in their time here.

We love you. God bless you, your families, and God bless America.

Here's the letter that was unclear of facebook:

Body by Vi...

So if you're hanging around with me in any form online, you've heard me mention this new program that I am on. Bodybyvi is what it's called. 
It's developed by a company called Visalus Sciences and it's a lifestyle change, not just a weightloss program. Sure you can lose the weight, that's the easy side of things, but the lifestyle changing is something you have to move into if you desire to be complete. Sure that's a bold statement, but if I didn't believe it, I'd not be using the product.

A month ago I tried a 5 shake sample pack and was impressed to say the least. I then ordered 2 packages of shake mix and decided to try it out to see what my result would be. I was impressed with a couple of things in this program:

b. actual results as in the weight does come off
c. actual results as in the weight STAYS OFF
d. the ingredients are healthy and your body responds well to them
e. if you're doing kosher things, it's kosher certified.
f. if you're diabetic this is good stuff for you as well.

So what have my results been you ask?

In the first 19 days of my "challenge" I've lost 15lbs and it's stayed off. Sometimes weight will just fall off, other times it will slowly move down the scale. My diet? Right now I am doing two shakes a day and then for an evening meal I have a small portion sensible meal. Sometimes just veggies, or I have chicken or steak in smaller portions that I have previously.

I drink Alkaline water (not a program requirement, just one of desire by me) during the day and I've cut my caffeine consumption down considerably as I don't feel a need for coffee when drinking the shakes. The metabolism is just moving right along and I rarely tire when walking the dog now.

I made a decision financially as well. This is the fun part. I wanted to see what my true savings would be monthly if I stopped doing all the eating out that I was doing previously. It's SHOCKING!


a. breakfast at Carl's Jr.

b. Lunch at Carl's Jr.

c. Dinner at Rubio's (fish taco tuesdays!!!)

d. Pizza from Papa John's or some other eating out venue.

Yes, that was my routine and it was one that was based on stress-eating. Now, same amount of stress at times, less eating. Go figure!! 

Taking those and multiplying them times 5-6 days a week...we're talking a HUGE investment in the fast food industry as well as the medical one for the health problems.

With Visalus I bought a Transformation Kit ($250.00) and I am still using that now and it's not even been 1 month. The savings...A LOT! Because when running out for fast food, there's the gas expense in there as well. I've been stashing that money back into the bank and now I can look forward to having some extra cash each month because where a month was costing around $450.00 - $550.00 for food, it's now $250 and that's substantial.

As my business grows and some others see the benefits in this, they'll join our "TEAM" and we'll grow their business together with ours and eventually we'll achieve some monthly residual income as well as a chance to have a BMW lease paid for by the company. That's second nature for me. The primary reason I got into this was not the income or the car. It's the HEALTH. That's my WHY.

So I wanted to take a minute and share with you this is why I am doing this business and program. It's working for me. Will it work for you? That depends on you. Would I recommend it? For the first time in more than 20 years, my own Father looked at me and said "DAMN!! You've LOST WEIGHT!!!" 

(He didn't even say that when I'd dropped 35lbs using HCG (which is a great kickstarter for weightloss, but not a lifestyle you can sustain. I guarantee that. I gained back all but 2 of those lbs in less than 1 year after I'd gotten on HCG. It's not something I encourage people to use as a long term solution. It's basically yo-yo dieting. However, if that's your kick then go to and purchase from there. That's the best solution for that on the market.)

Now, if you're serious about a shift in lifestyle that's healthy, that sustains, that doesn't make you crave things when you look at them, that keeps you full all day long, that leaves your body in better shape than it found it, and that will allow you to sleep at night knowing you're doing good things for you, then take a moment and go to: and learn more about this.

And if you're interested in doing the business you can learn more about it there, you can also see some of the tools that the program provides you when you sign up as a distributor to allow you to easily promote the program to others and create that residual income in your life. Here are some of the other sites they give you as a distributor, all ready to go and show, all ready to capture names, send emails to prospective clients and manage the process in an amazing way: - If you're wanting a BMW to drive around and enjoy paid for by the company, learn more here - Learn more about weight loss here - Learn how to leverage social media to make an income online easily - Learn fast easy ways to recessionproof your income NOW, not later.

In my business as DocMurdock when I like something I give it my "DocMurdock-APPROVED" stamp. Visalus gets that BIGTIME! It's working for me and I am not finished with my challenge yet. When I am you'll love the results as much as I will. I can't wait to share them with you and I'd be honored if you'd join me on this ride. It's a great one and it will truly change your life for the better.

Check out the sites, let me know if you have questions and I look forward to seeing less and less of you as we journey together to our chosen goal :)

With much love, understanding and wishes for abundance in your life.

Michael Murdock

iRig Microphone

Had to test this out and include an audio file within a post to share how cool this.

Listen in and see what you think. The mic is really good feeling, and takes in sound from the front. Things behind the microphone are ignored which is nice.

Click the link below and read more here:

Check out this Amazon deal: IK Multimedia iRig Mic Handheld Mic for iPhone/iPod... by IK Multimedia

Are you using LINKEDIN?

If you are, pay close attention to the following dialogue that I had with someone this morning already and I've not had my coffee yet.

I was approached by someone who wanted to "add me to their professional network". I had no recollection of this person so I declined the invite. I received back a "oh we met at such and such a convention 3 years ago and I thought I could use your services back then but I've been busy since then and this is the first chance I've had to reach out" emails.

The problem with the connection request is that they left out those details.

My response was simple:

No worries at all. There's one little thing I tell everyone using LinkedIN to pay close attention to as it makes all the difference in the world. When you're sending an invite to connect there's an opportunity to add a personal message. Use it. Simply put you could have made a stronger impact with something like:

"Hi Michael, I met you at "SUCH and SUCH in 2009, but I've been busy for the past 3 years and so this is the first chance I've gotten to connect with you. I remember you provided some great services such as merchant accounts with the lowest rates in the business, shopping carts, and that you get people listed on google faster than anyone on the planet. I was wondering if we could connect our networks, share resources and potentially collaborate - SoandSO"

instead of "I'd like to add you to my professional network"

Notice the impact of the first vs. the second?

This little change in the way that you approach connecting to people on LinkedIN will help you grow vs. shrink your network.

Take this to heart, if I don't personally know you or have not actually met you, and you send me a "I'd like to add you to my professional network" request...the laughter will be able to be heard through the speakers in your computer as I delete the request and move on to those who invest the time in the connection.

Yes, I have done the exact same thing in the past and I have learned to spend a little more time truly connecting with those I'd like to do business with. You may wish to do the exact same thing. However, it's one of those choices in life that we either make...or don't.

Happy Thursday!!


Staples…You have MUCH to learn

Yes Staples, as in Staples, Inc. the store.

Your Yorktown Avenue location in Huntington Beach, CA, the exact address being:

7131 Yorktown Ave., Huntington Beach, CA 92648 has much to learn about the words "CUSTOMER SERVICE".

It's sadly lacking at this location and after living in this area for over a year now and frequenting that store to purchase products, it's time to speak up and voice what many others choose not to.

The store is not a pleasant place to shop. When someone walks into a Staples in Arizona for example, the first thing you get is "Welcome to Staples! May I help you find something today?"

When you walk into this Staples you're lucky if a head raises up to acknowledge you're there in the first place. That's a warning sign. This email does not share a single experience. It's the same thing, over and over again for more than 1 year. It has not changed. It's time that you know there's an issue. I find it surprising that nobody else hasn't brought this up to your level. What does surprise me is that you've not acted on it because I know of more than 5 people who have mentioned this exact location to your corporate offices in the past year.

When you walk into a store and see 4-5 employees standing around and customers looking for help and not getting any, that's a warning sign.

When you go to a register row, find NO cashiers, customers waiting and you turn to a person in a Staples Uniform with a Staples Name tag on and they say in response to your request for a cashier that "I don't work for Staples", either we're on candid camera or this person is too lazy to be working in your store in ANY capacity.

If I were the CEO of Staples and I read this email posting, I'd take a serious look at things and start to see if there were perhaps holes in the system that as worked well at other stores for so long.

The other thing that took me by surprise today was that while all of this was taking place, the manager was literally standing there cracking jokes with some people and seeming to believe everything was just fine. Rather engage with this person and embarrass them in front of other customers I decided to take this issue to the Internet.

You see I was not the only person in the store. There was a total of 10 customers, there were more than enough employees, but they were too busy texting, talking with each other to be bothered with the little matter of customer service.

In their minds it's little. In my mind and others who spend money, who buy stock, who purchase products that keep your doors open, it's important. So perhaps you might want to look into things and see why your stock is trading around 15.00 a share when it could be trading substantially higher. Maybe more than just me is unhappy at the way your "Managers" are failing to take charge of your stores and operate them at STAPLES STANDARDS.

I hope this email is shocking. I hope it brings shame. I hope it makes some people angry. I hope it calls your managers into question and helps your management team figure out a solution to the problem.

Those of us who are the Boomers are tired of being treated like garbage by people who feel that they're too busy to perform customer service. We'd rather shop online at locations other than yours so that we don't have to deal with your people. You obviously don't want to deal with them because there's no fear in their eyes that there will be any repercussions surrounding an email such as this one.

I hope that's not the case. If it is, please let me know. I'll be happy to fly to your next shareholder's meeting drag out a megaphone and call for your board to take a vote of no confidence in you, have you tossed out on your backside and install me as the CEO. I guarantee you we'll take Customer Service up to a level that we had when I was at PIXAR working with and for Steve Jobs from 1991-1997. This type of lack-a-dasical attitude would not be stood for and replacements would be installed immediately to ensure our brand did not suffer.

What you do next is your choice. I intend on keeping this discussion alive on the web until such time as it's resolved.

Thanks for taking time to read this and best of luck in finding a solution. You might want to consult with the television show UNDERCOVER BOSS and see about having them do an episode using your stores and include this one in a visit where you get to work in the store undercover so you can see how screwed up things are.

Best regards,

Michael Murdock, CEO

Followup to "So we met a dog..."

Just a quick update to my story from January. I took a side trip today on my way down to teach the social media class for The Orange County Business Experts.

That trip was to see "Buddy Guy". Buddy is the dog we found in January in Huntington Beach.

The news is great. Buddy is healthy, he's happy, and he's well cared for. It was such a thrill to see him, when I arrived to visit, his new owner went to let him out, Buddy ran to me and leaped into my arms. WOW what strength he has now that he's being taken care of.

He was able to be off leash and obeyed commands from his owner. I was simply touched by this.

So once in a while there are pleasing continuations of great stories. This is one of them. I know from time to time we'll see Buddy Guy, and he'll do just fine out there.

Thanks again to the Universe for the amazing lesson in unconditional love. I am so happy and grateful that this came our way. We needed a refresher and it could not have come at a better time.

God bless Buddy Guy, his new owner and people everywhere who have dogs come into their lives. When it does happen, talk to your heart and see how you feel.


Once in a while...

there comes a business and people you really want to brag about because they’re fun, they produce a great product and they bring smiles to many faces. This time that business is Mike Madden & his Cookies in Bloom shop in Phoenix, AZ.

Mike’s a great guy always smiling, always making me laugh, and always connecting with others and supporting them on facebook. He’s constantly liking pages, and pictures and keeping me on my toes on facebook which is tough for anyone.

While we were on our trip to Arizona this past week we had a chance finally to stop in and see Mike and his store. What a treat that was. Literally!! They've got a great location in Phoenix on the corner of 40th and Indian School right next to a large new trampoline park.

When we entered, we met Mike (finally), this is me in the photo with him and photos of the great products that they produce in the gallery.

Mike was kind enough to send us on our way with some goodies. The cookies did not make the trip to Tucson. One bite told me and Maria that these were well made tasty cookies that needed to be eaten. The thing that made it back with us was the Hannah Caramel Apples, the last of which was finished this very day.

I want to say THANKS to Mike Madden for sharing with us his time, his products, and the story of how they do what they do. You're a credit to your business and a pleasure to know.

I wish you much success in your business and all that you do.

Thanks for taking time to read this one.