Thoughts of the New Year...

Sometimes these things take a little bit to come to fruition and this one is taking a bit longer, but it's coming. Perhaps it will be ready before the end of the month...perhaps not. We'll genuinely see.

But keep the faith, breathe through the days, and know that there is a message coming and it's going to be powerful and powerfilled for those who are meant to receive it, those aligned with love of self, love of others, love of all that is and that can be in this sphere, this time, this now of our choosing.

You're very blessed and you deserve to achieve the dreams of your lifetime. This we know. We're going to be speaking with you very soon.

We love you.

Michael & The Many

YELP pulled my review of Arlington for "privacy concerns" - FUCK YOU YELP!

I say... "FUCK YOU YELP!"

According to YELPs FAQ:

  • Privacy: Don't publicize other people's private information. Please don't post close-up photos of other people without their permission, and please don't post other people's full names unless you're referring to service providers who are commonly identified by their full names"

I followed their guidance and didn't put names of people that DON'T EXIST. I put the real names because these are real people who families will deal with when they go to have their loved ones interred in Arlington National Cemetery. The PEOPLE's Cemetery. Not Arlington Administration's Cemetery. They WORK for the FAMILIES of those who have EARNED the RIGHT to be BURIED there. Yes, including myself. My review was posted over a month ago and it gave details as you'll see below and it was rated as 5 stars because those providing the ceremony made up for those who lacked the simple communication skills to get paperwork in order. It was a very fair assessment of the experience and what took place while we waited 3 months to bury my Father.

So for YELP to PULL something like this when there are other more GLARING reviews of people, products, services, just...ludicrous. My guess is the guy who pulled it is friends with some joker who chastised me for writing it yesterday and told me how great the current President was, etc., and that my Dad told her I was wrong for writing it, while in my head Dad was waving a BIG BIRD her way.

Anyway...if I write anymore I'll really get steamed. But since YELP PULLED THIS...I am reposting it for the entire web to read. YELP INCLUDED. If you want to close my account...PLEASE DO and KISS my US NAVY VETERAN ASS in the meantime.

Best regards and much love.

Michael Murdock, CEO

Begin forwarded message:

From: Yelp HQ <>
Subject: Message from Yelp HQ [ 1922663 ]
Date: November 13, 2013 at 2:14:24 PM PST

NOV 13, 2013  |  02:14PM PST
Hi Michael,

We wanted to let you know that we've removed your review of Arlington National Cemetery because of privacy concerns. For more information about our Content Guidelines, please visit:

We hope you will continue to participate on Yelp while keeping our Content Guidelines in mind.

Removed Content:
My review has two sides to it. One is the bad side, the other is the good one.

The bad one is that my Father who was listed as Catholic had his religion changed multiple times and almost had the wrong priest scheduled to preside over his funeral due to the inept handling of his paperwork from the time the funeral home made contact, until 1 week before the funeral at the time of shipping his body from California to Arlington.

Things that were missed and messed up multiple times were:

A. father's religion

B. Mother's Middle name. She did not have one, but she does have Alzheimer's so someone thought it would be funny to give her the middle name of Alshimers, even misspelling the disease. Our family was FAR from amused at this.

C. Headstone matters were missed completely and not handled until we were met at the Administration building by the cemetery rep who said "You never filled out the headstone information, and my reply was "Yes I did, here's my copy of what was faxed in".

The person handling our affairs, a Ms. Andrea Stevens kept ducking phone calls from myself as well as the funeral home, even to the point of saying she'd be at work when she was on a long vacation period. I was flaming mad at the lack of respect that the office staff holds toward our fallen service members. They should be ASHAMED of this.

Now, the GOOD SIDE.

My father was buried on August 27th, 2013 after passing in May 2013. There's a bit of a wait to get into the cemetery, but the ceremony provided him, his send off...was AMAZING.

The ceremony made up for the lack of respect shown by the Admin staff. The ceremony for him, a deceased LCDR in the US NAVY was sharp, precise, and with the dignity and respect due a man who served 3 tours in Vietnam, and served his country whenever it called upon him. The horses, the caisson, the Flag team, rifle team, band, bearers...STUNNING.

The 8 bearers...WOW, those guys are sharp and they honor their fallen service members in ways that...well the video is simply amazing to behold and something I will treasure forever.

For those who conducted the ceremony/burial...THANK YOU. To the Admin staff...I hope whoever reads this understands the pain and suffering and anguish you caused us waiting and watching your fumbling of details. It was NOT appreciated and something I truly hope you'll strive to correct.

And finally I am writing a letter to the President, as well as the Joint Chiefs so that they are aware of our feelings around this as more can be done to HONOR those who have passed as well as HONOR their families as we have sacrificed along the road to get them to Arlington and we damn well deserve better, as do those who've fallen.

God bless those who rest at Arlington National Cemetery, may you rest in peace knowing we've not given up preserving your dignity.


Yelp User Support
San Francisco, California

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For your reference this is Case #: 1922663

Some thoughts this day...Veteran's Day 2013

Growing up NAVY was something I was not sure of when I was a kid. I didn't know what a Navy was until I was old enough to understand I'd be here for a little bit. Here being Earth, Alive, Breathing.

You see when some of us land here from the clouds, we're never sure how long we'll be playing in the playground known as LIFE. But as time went on, and I grew, I began to understand what a Navy was, what its function was, and how it as an organization, an entity served a greater good. This went for all of the services, but for me and others around me whose parents were in the Navy, it was our focus.

Growing up overseas I got to appreciate many things. Different cultures, languages, food, clothing, lifestyles. I saw America through different eyes as a lot of my early childhood was spent out of the country. I was in Boston when Kennedy was assassinated. I was in Virginia when Bobby Kennedy and Martin Luther King were gunned down...I was also in Virginia when Armstrong pushed Aldrin out of the way so he could take "One small step for man...One Giant Leap for Mankind" onto the surface of the moon.

Along the way of growing up overseas and then coming back to the Mainland, only to leave again, go back overseas for a tour of duty, and then return again to the Mainland and once again to go back overseas and stay away from the mainland for an extended period, I appreciated one thing more than anything...VETERANS.

We were overseas during some prime conflicts. VIETNAM...Dad served 3 tours there. I have his medals and Presidential Commendations as a memory of that time. More than that, welded into my consciousness is what it was like when he returned home from the War and how it took time to acclimate to being normal once again and not jumping at the sound of everything, however for a while it was touch and go as one single loud noise would result in Dad leaping over a couch for cover and shouting commands to people to prepare for incoming. Yes, I had an interesting childhood, but all along the way, I learned that for certain things it was worth dedicating your life, your heart to.

As Dad would tell me, Son...DUTY - Is the things we do, or are ordered to do. HONOR - Is how we perform those duties and others. COUNTRY and FAMILY are the reasons why we perform those duties in an honorable fashion.

You see the words on his headstone (seen below) are not there by mistake. They are words which I hold sacred even now that he's gone, as that was how I served when I was in the Navy as well.

On this day when we HONOR our VETERANS, it's nice to see businesses, especially those who serve FOOD and DRINK do something special to give THANKS to those who've served and are here to be a symbol of those who gave the ultimate sacrifice so that people can live as they do in this country and others. So that businesses can provide value for their shareholders (MANY WHO ARE VETERANS), so that they can feel good about saying THANK YOU FOR PROVIDING ME A PLACE I CAN CALL HOME.

THANK YOU from me and the Spirit of my now deceased Father for showing a Veteran some respect this day. For without them and all of the others who gave their lives along the way to this date, we'd not have an AMERICA to call home. Yes, even the forefathers, who fought in wars while signing parchment to establish this country...they're Veterans as well and their sacrifice is never forgotten. It cannot be. For when it is, this country as UNITED as it is ceases to exist and that would truly be a sad day and one I pray that I will be long gone before it happens.

For one business in particular...I hope some of your employees see this and take the message in it to heart. Starbucks @starbucks on twitter SBUX on Nasdaq... You might want to take a headcount at your next Shareholders meeting to see how many of your shareholders are VETERANS and how many of them approve of your "No we don't do anything for Veterans on Veteran's Day" stand. It's pretty damn pitiful that you do business under the umbrella of this flag, but yet do nothing on a day set aside to honor those who defend her shores so you can sit on your fat asses and rake in the profits from everyone, including VETERANS.

Hell even DENNY'S does something for VETERANS. Follow their example, dig your head out into the sunshine and be more AMERICAN. After all, you're here, you should be thankful for those who walk the walls, sail the seas, soar through the air ensuring you have a place to do business and to flourish.


For all of my brothers and sisters in arms, wherever you are, I SALUTE YOU and THANK YOU for ALL that YOU and YOUR FAMILIES DO to support our Armed Forces.

GOD BLESS & HAPPY VETERANS DAY - CELEBRATE the SPIRIT of those who've gone before us.

Michael E. Murdock, United States Navy Disabled Veteran

My dog...

Sometimes things are shared with me that just deserve to be passed along. My only hope is that Posthaven supports animated gif files. LOL 
ENJOY!!  (and this is not my dog, but it's funny!!) And this is a JOKE EMAIL, so if you don't have a sense of humor...go to Washington DC and buy one.










Government Shutdown...

So, the thing that really gets me is this shutdown.

Is it really shut down? If so, send EVERYONE HOME. All of the security people, all of the cooks, all of the laundry people, sweepers, maintenance folks, etc. Send them ALL HOME.

Turn off the car services for those congress and senate folks. Make the judges take public transportation. Shut down the money printing presses, the banking system, shut everything down.

Don't turn off some of it and tell the people that the government is shut down. If the President and First Lady are running around town in a limo out having dinner somewhere with their motorcade...don't LIE to the people and say the government is "shut down".

Because in reality it isn't. Remove the Secret Service detail from the President if the government is shutdown. Remove all protections from all officials if everything is shutdown.

Don't expect people to work for you for free if we're shut down.

Board up Washington and let things begin to mold if we're really shut down.


Well Mr. Murdock, that suggestion that we do all of these things is simply idiotic. YOU'RE RIGHT!!!

But so is the suggestion that we've actually shut our government down. Because to do so abandons the founding principles of this country. Those who were fought for and bled for by those who founded this country.

Those who believed in a brighter future. Not those who stand behind one event and claim victory while children and veterans spend nights on the streets starving and who are without medical care even though a certain system is supposed to save them.

You people who wear the suits who claim to be the House and Senate of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, who spend hours ranting and raving for the media to get your minutes of fame and then vote with the other side...You need to get a fucking clue, because WE THE PEOPLE...We're SICK and TIRED of your crap.

You don't have the solutions. You have bastardized our system of government to pad your own damn pockets and leave the rest of us out of the picture. We loathe you. We don't admire you. You're not special. You're vermin who used the power of the vote to get into office and to screw with the rest of us.

Fix this shutdown situation soon or see what people can do when they bind together to form a unified front for change in the United States of America.

We the People of these United States of America...Remember those words. If you haven't read the parchment they're written on... I suggest you open that particular building and read them from start to finish and understand them because the winds of change are blowing and they're not looking favorably on Washington DC for any elections anytime soon.

Michael Murdock, US NAVY VETERAN

AT&T and iPhone Launch Day Disappointments & Dumb Surveys

Dear AT&T,

I was one of the many who stood in line outside of your stores on the 20th of September for the iPhone 5S launch. I was number 6 in line that day. It was 5am, it was chilly, but I like others who'd been into the store earlier in the week were standing there in hopes of getting a 64GB White with Gold Trimmed iPhone 5S. I was also one of the many who were disappointed to find out that you'd not received inventory to sell of anything other than the SPACE GREY Phones in varying capacities.

I decided at that point to get a phone so that I could enjoy that new phone with everyone else and perhaps even wrap a case around it, and get on with life. I was saddened that the inventory for a supposed "flagship" store did not include the flagship phone model and that none of the first 10 people in the line would get one as we'd expected. Otherwise we might have just slept in and come later in the day to pick up the other.

Then came the lovable survey that asks "Was your experience at AT&T this morning good?" "would you recommend us to others?" "are we your company of choice?" all those questions that really tend to anger a customer who's had a substandard experience.

Everything at the store in the morning was just fine with ONE MAJOR EXCEPTION. I had come in earlier in the week, asked about iPhone 5S's, was told there was "Plenty of inventory coming", just make sure to be in line early, I was once again number 6 in that line, and there were NO GOLD iPhone's to be found.

What else am I supposed to say? Now, today I get a call after a text from someone who has the audacity to ask me the same questions in response to my responses in the survey. WHY??? Why would you want to waste a customers time with repeat questions that you already know the answer to?

Will I recommend AT&T to anyone? HELL NO. Will I recommend anyone else? HELL NO. Is there anything you can do for me? Yes, get me a Gold iPhone 5S and then came the response that generated this email:

"Well sir, you can order one, pay a restocking fee and when it comes it we'll let you know".

ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME????? (Now attach Steve Jobs' face to that statement yelling at the top of his lungs as I know he would if he were standing here next to me and his spirit is as we knew each other for 24 years, and he can't believe I got that response at all).

Pay a restocking fee for a phone which you should have had in stock on launch day???? And order it, send in my current device, leaving me without a device and when they come in you'll let me know???


I have been an AT&T Business Customer since the LAUNCH of the ORIGINAL IPHONE. I have STUCK with AT&T while others bailed out. When you throttled people's data plans, I stuck around. When you changed pricing structures, I stuck around. I have been completely and totally loyal to AT&T when others jumped to Verizon and other networks. I'm one of the old guard. I believe that AT&T does the right thing.

I'M WRONG. AT&T would rather milk customers like me out of things while providing SubStandard Service delivery. I have a damn MICROCELL in my HOUSE because you cannot provide accurate cell coverage in our area and STILL I GET DROPPED CALLS with my iPhone 5S which is supposed to have better coverages. Do I get a credit on my monthly bill for any of this? NO.

How about crediting me for your crappy phone services since January of 2011?? Can you do that? NO you can't. Will I leave AT&T? NO I WON'T. WHY? Because since I bought an original iPhone, I have UNLIMITED EVERYTHING and that beats the crap out of anything anyone else can offer me.

The other reason I won't leave is because I am faithful to brands I support. AT&T is one of them. But that does not give you an excuse to NOT deliver on things you say you will.

Now that I've openly expressed my opinion and even cc'd the CEO of APPLE, I am sure my note like others will fall into the wastebasket of AT&T and absolutely NOTHING will be done to appease this customer. Sad because with the number of people out on the web who will catch wind of this might do you some good to actually do something about it.

Warmest regards,


Michael Murdock, CEO
docmurdock on twitter


The thrill of racing is something I've had in my blood since my birth. My father raced motorcycles in England in the late 50's / early 60's where I was born. When I was growing up I was constantly exposed to both cars and motorcycles and the thrill of the sounds, smells and shear excitement of racing.

I became familiar with the relationship/competitiveness of James Hunt and Niki Lauda at a time when my brother and I were competitive swimmers. Hunt and Lauda raced on tracks around the globe while my brother and I represented the USA in swimming outside of the USA.

I was actually expecting this movie to fall flat and be a special effects nightmare, but instead was pleasantly surprised at the very beginning by a number of things. Camera, sound, grain of the picture. Yes GRAIN OF THE PICTURE. Ron Howard seamlessly melded real world footage as well as staged to accomplish a weaving of both in such a way that the transition was difficult to pick up. BRAVO to him and his team for this as it works really well. You're not lost in the effects even though you know they're there.

Transitions from scene to scene are done in such a way that I found myself looking around the theater to see what door James or Niki would come through next. I got caught up and swept into the movie which for me is a big deal. Let me forget that I am in a theater and instead let me feel as if I am a fly on the wall in the actual event.

Rain...a drivers enemy in racing in a big way. So many variables change in the performance of the car, the engine, the drivetrain, the steering characteristics all shift and cause your psyche to be modified to compensate for these. Funny that Lauda blamed Hunt for keeping the race going that injured him, but in reality Lauda could have bailed out of that race and preserved his face for the future. He chose to keep going and well the rest is history. You have to respect the man for what he did, how he came through things and was in fact driven to come back and give the quest to be world champion his all.

I won't spoil things for you, but this is not TITANIC. It's a well made movie that recounts one of the hottest competitions in auto racing HISTORY EVER and it does a damn good job of bringing us into touch with that time. I remember it because I was alive and glued to the TV with my Dad giving commentary for those things I could not understand.

Ron Howard...You've UPPED your game with this film in my humble book. I appreciate your cinematic genius. I hope others will see in this what I have.

Whatever you do this week...if you can get out and see this movie. It's one to be enjoyed. Great soundtrack, great believable characters and if you were alive at this time it will be a great refresher for you of a time in our lives when things were much different and more connected.

@rushthemovie @kimlouise55

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The perfect mousetrap

Went to see Mom this morning. I noticed as I walked in that a room in the building wing was being repainted. 

It was not hers but that of another resident. Turns out his family came and took him home, realizing his time was short and a couple of days later he passed.

People always speak of "the perfect mousetrap". They look so hard to build it and yet they don't realize that we exist within it.

Life is in itself "the perfect mouse trap". If you look at it from a broader perspective you'll see what I mean. We're all here in this maze, wandering around, doors open, doors close, cars drive around, planes fly, etc...and eventually we all leave this maze after we die.

Death is the great equalizer. You can know with 100% certainty that you or someone you know will crossover at some point. Today, tomorrow, 10, 20, 30, 40 years from some point we all leave. There's no changing that unless the creator comes down and decides to shift the paradigm on us.

So...why do we choose to live as we do and not enjoy the moments we have in this "mousetrap"? That's the question to ponder and see if you can find the answer to it. For when you do, you'll achieve a level of consciousness and understanding broader than anyone else in the sphere.

There's no right or wrong answer. There's just answers and then more questions as we wind our way through the maze.

The passing of my Father in May 2013 enlightened me to much. As his time to leave drew nearer there were things he did, things he said, things he shared which humbled me in many ways. Allowed me to see more of who he was, how he was, and how deeply his teachings in my life affected how I was in this lifetime. It humbled me. It also made me see more clearly this life and to more greatly appreciate that which we have here. The friendships, relationships, interactions, adversaries, etc...All of it.

I hope along your path that you have the opportunity or the blessing as I see if of being enlightened as I was and looking deeper at the connections you have to source, the connections which flow between all of us and every single solitary object which we can see...and cannot see in our existence here. It's all a work of art, a masterpiece, and while we exist within the perfect mousetrap called life, what's on the other side of it is so much broader than our current selves can comprehend, that when the time is right we'll have an even deeper appreciation and love of what we were in this lifetime when it's our time to crossover into the next existence.

Happy Thursday.



Just a thought here. I went to the local Starbuck's this morning and was greeted by a couple of surprises:

a. banana bread has changed its size, from something flat and manageable to a cute little loaf form. I'm ok with that, although it did not taste as good as the previous type, but it was more moist than the other kind, so we'll see how that goes. So that's not a bad change per se'.

b. ALL PASTRIES are now HEATED! Really? That's a bit too dictatorial for my liking since I never get my chocolate croissant heated EVER. Why? Because the chocolate runs everywhere and I can never recall Howard offering to pay for my $65 slacks that got ruined twice by a leaking croissant. I did get some free coffee, but that's the extent of the help cycle there. So while I can see why they might want to heat things up, customers are more likely to love you if you offer them a choice between HOT and COLD pastries.

c. the pink bags are...really boring and it's almost as if you're in the midst of yet another brand shift and we've finally gotten use to the current one and look for it everywhere. now when we drive down the freeway do we have to guess where the local Starbuck's is by seeking out a PINK SIGN? Or is this limited to the bags only?

Just tossing out some fuel for the fire of discussion out there on the web. Thanks for dropping in and reading.


Just testing...

Time to test and see if Posthaven is doing what they say it will do now. Accepting posts via email. If so, I can begin to write as I did when Posterous was around. Miss those days!!! Now...could they be back??? We shall soon see!