ISLAM...and the rest of the world...

Interesting how our world has changed. 

Long ago there were different groups of people instead of religions. Romans, Nazarenes, Israelites and others. And then along came MAN and created things like Catholicism, Judaism, Buddhism and more. For different segments of people there were different religions and then eventually these became entwined welcoming different people from different religions to convert because the new religion was better than the other or was closer to God than the other or closer to ALLAH than GOD (who many say are ONE IN THE SAME), but there’s too many rules.

Why not simply believe that somewhere out there beyond the terminator is an ALL POWERFUL ENTITY that created us all, not all at the same time but that from time to time cranks up the cotton candy machine and whips that little cardboard cone around in a circle, tosses in some colored sugar and out we come at the end, very unique, never the same, and each with our own heart and mind to accept or not accept what we choose to believe or not believe in.

And on top of that magic we’re all allowed to come here to this wonderful playground called EARTH and exist with others, play with others and experience LIFE with others.

MAN has created RELIGIONS and RELIGIOUS DIVISION. Just as MAN has created different divisions on the basis of color, creed, sexual orientation, etc. MAN DID THIS. NOT GOD, or the Almighty Powerful being that you choose to believe in.

The CORE of all of this existence is that we’re ALL connected. We are ALL here together. We are ALL born into this world and We will ALL DIE no matter what. NO ONE escapes DEATH permanently. Some will experience a Near-death-experience, present company included, but in the end when it is our time and our clock runs out, we transition from this world to another world which is one of non-physical existence. We become spirit once again. We were all spirit before we came here, we all return to spirit following our experience in this lifetime. END OF DISCUSSION.

The other day I read an interesting posting on twitter from Muhammad Ali the retired boxer formerly known as Cassius Clay who dodged the draft to go to Vietnam and fight by turning into a Muslim and practicing the religion of ISLAM that is a RELIGION OF PEACE. His posting basically said that what ISIS was doing was against ISLAM. Now is that the ISLAM that is practiced in the MIDDLE EAST? Or is that the NATION OF ISLAM that is practiced in the United States lead by Louis Farrakhan? NOBODY knows because the last time I checked, wasn’t Farrakhan accused of KILLING off MALCOLM X many years ago? If so, WHY? and if this is a religion of PEACE, why all the killing? Many questions and no answers.

So I posed the following on twitter to the CHAMP to see what response I would get back:

Did I hear back? Absolutely NOT. You know why? Because NO ONE CAN GET THIS TO HAPPEN. NO MUSLIM will stand against ISIS because they believe that ISIS runs what’s called a Caliphate. A State which has not existed in a very long time. A state that REQUIRES an ALLEGIANCE to it that dictates that IF you pledge an ALLEGIANCE to this existence of the Caliphate and your brother does not, you are required to KILL HIM. If your WIFE does not and you do, you are required to KILL HER. If your parents do not, you are required to KILL them. If you have 1000 people you know who do not believe in the Caliphate and do not pledge allegiance to it, then you are obligated to KILL ALL OF THEM. If you are the ONLY person who on the PLANET pledges and allegiance to the Caliphate and no one else on Planet Earth does, you are obligated to KILL ALL OF THEM.

Do you see the issue with this? Because at the foundation of this discussion is that ISIS says they are ISLAMIC and BELIEVE IN ISLAM and by that statement the Caliphate is ISLAMIC and if you don’t believe in the Caliphate and do not pledge allegiance to it, then you will be killed off.

GIVE ME A BREAK. Break open the Quran and go back and speak with the most ancient of elders and see if how you’re interpreting the INNER WAR vs the OUTER WAR and see if you might have misread and misunderstood those things you need to kill off are actually INSIDE OF YOU, not OUTSIDE OF YOU. Because if the basics of ISLAM are PEACEFUL, then ALL OF THESE MURDERS and SUICIDES are AGAINST ISLAM as well as those laws and jurisdictions that the rest of humanity live under.

Go find some great weed, and some great pizza, smoke the weed, eat the pizza and sleep off the bad trip you’re on from whatever crap you’ve been fed by some “RADICALIZED” incompetent ass who never read the Quran, never understood any of it and was beaten by their parents and got pissed at the world so they decided to disrupt humanity.

It’s counter productive to also maim and dismember people for certain things. This Shariah law…probably not going to go over very well in many places because there’s a bunch of women out there who will kill you if you try to damage their female parts based on your beliefs. They’re going to cut off your male parts and turn you into a soprano very quickly if you mess with them.

WITHOUT WOMEN, EVERY MAN WHO IS ON THIS PLANET WOULD NOT EXIST. Since Adam & Eve were first here, others came after and MEN do NOT GIVE BIRTH. WOMEN give BIRTH. Without them all those machete wielding masked marauders would not exist. So women should be cherished, honored, respected, loved, adored. Stop CUTTING OFF THEIR CLITORIS’s It’s NOT POLITE!

THOSE WHO ARE AGAINST WHAT ISIS-TALIBAN-OTHERS ARE DOING IN THE NAME OF ISLAM, RISE UP AND BE HEARD! SPEAK OUT, WRITE OUT, YELL OUT, that you are against this and that you are calling an END to ISIS and its bastardization of a RELIGION OF PEACE for their own immature and irrelevant gains. IF you are truly against them, this is your duty to protect and preserve this religion you honor. If you are not standing against them, you are standing with them and you are encouraging their continuing to disgrace the glory of ISLAM.

I could go on but my head hurts from what is coming through to me. The universe is greatly saddened at the amount of death being carried out by certain peoples on this planet and it’s going to shift things soon in such a way that they will be greatly disappointed at having brought on such things to others.

To those who wish to ban people from entering countries, those things will not work for a long time. They will eventually fail because there will be those who are bought, and paid to ignore things and those who commit that crime will never be brought to justice due to the many barriers to quick prosecution and a belief that committing a crime is ok, but being accused of one is a violation of civil rights and therefore should be dismissed on those bounds and that happens more often than it should and that’s a part of the broader problem.

LOVE, PEACE, JOY, ABUNDANCE, UNDERSTANDING, RESPECT…all great tenets of HUMANITY. Not restricted or bound by ANY HUMAN CREATED RELIGION try practicing those and spreading them across oceans to others and see what happens to this world we all live in and all are connected within.

Just some thoughts from someone who prays daily for the safety and well being of everyone on the planet, no matter their religion, race, creed, etc. And yes these thoughts are fairly non-cohesive in nature because not all of them have come through the human operating the keyboard. Many are shared from beyond the terminator by some who’ve passed and are seeking a way to speak out to the greater good that exists in this place called Planet Earth.

Peace be with all.

Trump Endorsed by General Chuck Yeager!

This was shared with me by some seniors so am passing it along, and yes I support TRUMP. No other candidate, no other INSIDER has inspired me and to be very honest and blunt I am highly pissed that Jeb Bush didn’t come out of his brother’s shadow truly swinging and now that he’s spinning into the proverbial drain, his donors are threatening to BACK HILLARY??? WHAT THE HELL IS THAT? He should have the balls to come out and toss them by the wayside because that means that if he were to get in on their donations, he’d be their damn puppet for 4 years and longer. OUCH.

Trump is bankrolling his own way, he’s flying his own plane, he’s doing what others only imagine doing and it’s inspiring. He might be a bit brash but he’s definitely woken this country up to what can be possible when you have someone who knows how to run a business and truly knows how to delegate. He’s not perfect, but he’s a hell of a lot better than what we have now, or what we’d be getting with HILLARY in office. And if he exaggerates a little bit…so what. What politician has not? THEY ALL DO.

Anyway, for those who don’t know, there’s some good things in here. For the naysayers…save your breath please. Veterans need someone who will back them, not crap on them. I believe TRUMP will BACK them better and more than any other candidate in the race. PERIOD.

Thanks for reading!

Donald Trump—Who He REALLY Is  by Chuck Yeager

The criticisms of Trump are amazingly missing something. They are lacking in negative stories from those who work for him or have had business dealings with him. After all the employees he’s had and all the business deals he’s made there is a void of criticism. In fact, long term employees call him a strong and merciful leader and say he is far more righteous and of high integrity than people may think.

And while it may surprise many, he’s actually humble when it comes to his generosity and kindness. A good example is a story that tells of his limo breaking down on a deserted highway outside of New York City. A middle-aged couple stopped to help him and as a thank you he paid off their mortgage, but he didn’t brag about that. Generous and good people rarely talk of charity they bestow on others. But as much as all this is interesting, the real thing that people want to know is what Donald Trump’s plan is for America. It’s funny how so many people say they don’t know what it is, or they act like Trump is hiding it. The information is readily available if people would just do a little homework. But, since most Americans won’t do their own research, here, in no particular order, is an overview of many of Trumps positions and plans:

1.) Trump believes that America should not intervene militarily in other country’s problems without being compensated for doing so. If America is going to risk the lives of our soldiers and incur the expense of going to war, then the nations we help must be willing to pay for our help. Using the Iraq War as an example, he cites the huge monetary expense to American taxpayers (over $1.5 trillion, and possibly much more depending on what sources are used to determine the cost) in addition to the cost in human life. He suggests that Iraq should have been required to give us enough of their oil to pay for the expenses we incurred. He includes in those expenses the medical costs for our military and $5 million for each family that lost a loved one in the war and $2 million for each family of soldiers who received severe injuries.

2.) Speaking of the military, Trump wants America to have a strong military again. He believes the single most important function of the federal government is national defense. He has said he wants to find the General Patton or General MacArthur that could lead our military buildup back to the strength it needs to be. While he hasn’t said it directly that I know of, Trump’s attitude about America and about winning tells me he’d most likely be quick to eliminate rules of engagement that handicap our military in battle. Clearly Trump is a “win at all costs” kind of guy, and I’m sure that would apply to our national defense and security, too.

3.) Trump wants a strong foreign policy and believes that it must include 8 core principles (which seem to support my comment in the last point):
American interests come first. Always. No apologies.
Maximum firepower and military preparedness.
Only go to war to win.
Stay loyal to your friends and suspicious of your enemies.
Keep the technological sword razor sharp.
See the unseen.
Prepare for threats before they materialize.
Respect and support our present and past warriors.

4.) Trump believes that terrorists who are captured should be treated as military combatants, not as criminals like the Obama administration treats them.

5.) Trump makes the point that China’s manipulation of their currency has given them unfair advantage in our trade dealings with them. He says we must tax their imports to offset their currency manipulation, which will cause American companies to be competitive again and drive manufacturing back to America and create jobs here. Although he sees China as the biggest offender, he believes that America should protect itself from all foreign efforts to take our jobs and manufacturing. For example, Ford is building a plant in Mexico and Trump suggests that every part or vehicle Ford makes in Mexico be taxed 35% if they want to bring it into the U. S., which would cause companies like Ford to no longer be competitive using their Mexican operations and move manufacturing back to the U. S., once again creating jobs here.

6.) Trump wants passage of NOPEC legislation (No Oil Producing and Exporting Cartels Act – NOPEC – S.394), which would allow the government to sue OPEC for violating antitrust laws. According to Trump, that would break up the cartel. He also wants to unleash our energy companies to drill domestically (sound like Sarah Palin’s drill baby, drill?) thereby increasing domestic production creating jobs and driving domestic costs of oil and gas down while reducing dependence on foreign oil.

7.) Trump believes a secure border is critical for both security and prosperity in America. He wants to build a wall to stop illegals from entering put controls on immigration. (And he says he’ll get Mexico to pay for the wall, which many have scoffed at, but given his business successes I wouldn’t put it past him.) He also wants to enforce our immigration laws and provide no path to citizenship for illegals.

8.) Trump wants a radical change to the tax system to not only make it better for average Americans, but also to encourage businesses to stay here and foreign businesses to move here. The resulting influx of money to our nation would do wonders for our economy. He wants to make America the place to do business. He also wants to lower the death tax and the taxes on capital gains and dividends. This would put more than $1.6 trillion back into the economy and help rebuild the 1.5 million jobs we’ve lost to the current tax system. He also wants to charge companies who outsource jobs overseas a 20% tax, but for those willing to move jobs back to America they would not be taxed. And for citizens he has a tax plan that would allow Americans to keep more of what they earn and spark economic growth. He wants to change the personal income tax to:

Up to $30,000 taxed at 1%From $30,000 to $100,000 taxed at 5%From $100,000 to $1,000,000 taxed at 10%$1,000,000 and above taxed at 15%

9.) Trump wants Obamacare repealed. He says it’s a “job-killing, health care-destroying monstrosity” that “can’t be reformed, salvaged, or fixed.” He believes in allowing real competition in the health insurance marketplace to allow competition to drive prices down. He also believes in tort reform to get rid of defensive medicine and lower costs.

10.) Trump wants spending reforms in Washington, acknowledging that America spends far more than it receives in revenue. He has said he believes that if we don’t stop increasing the national debt once it hits $24 trillion it will be impossible to save this country. Even though he says we need to cut spending, he does not want to harm those on Medicare, Medicaid, or Social Security. He believes that the citizens have faithfully paid in to the system to have these services available and that the American government has an obligation to fulfill its end of the bargain and provide those benefits. Therefore, he wants to build the economy up so that we have the revenue to pay those costs without cutting the benefits to the recipients. He disagrees with Democrats who think raising taxes is the answer and says that when you do that you stifle the economy. On the other hand, when you lower taxes and create an environment to help businesses they will grow, hire more workers, and those new workers will be paying taxes that become more tax revenue for the government.

11.) Trump also wants reform of the welfare state saying that America needs “a safety net, not a hammock.” He believes in a welfare to work program that would help reduce the welfare roles and encourage people to get back to work. And he wants a crackdown on entitlement fraud.

12.) Trump believes climate change is a hoax.

13.) Trump opposes Common Core.

14.) Trump is pro-life, although he allows for an exception due to rape, incest, or the life of the mother.

15.) Trump is pro 2nd Amendment rights.

16.) Trump’s view on same-sex marriage is that marriage is between a man and a woman, but he also believes that this is a states’ rights issue, not a federal issue.

17.) Trump supports the death penalty.

Trump believes that there is a lack of common sense, innovative thinking in Washington (Hmmm. looks like he believes in horse sense!). He says it’s about seeing the unseen and that’s the kind of thinking we need to turn this country around. He tells a personal story to illustrate the point:

“When I opened Trump National Golf Club at Rancho Palos Verdes in Los Angeles, I was immediately told that I would need to build a new and costly ballroom. The current ballroom was gorgeous, but it only sat 200 people and we were losing business because people needed a larger space for their events. Building a new ballroom would take years to get approval and permits (since it’s on the Pacific Ocean), and cost about $5 million. I took one look at the ballroom and saw immediately what needed to be done. The problem wasn’t the size of the room, it was the size of the chairs. They were huge, heavy, and unwieldy.

We didn’t need a bigger ballroom, we needed smaller chairs! So I had them replaced with high-end, smaller chairs. I then had our people sell the old chairs and got more money for them than the cost of the new chairs. In the end, the ballroom went from seating 200 people to seating 320 people. Our visitors got the space they desired, and I spared everyone the hassle of years of construction and $5 million of expense.

It’s amazing what you can accomplish with a little common sense.” On top of his saving years of construction and $5 million in expenses, he also was able to keep the ballroom open for business during the time it would have been under remodeling, which allowed him to continue to make money on the space instead of losing that revenue during construction time.

Donald Trump’s entire life has been made up of success and winning. He’s been accused of bankruptcies, but that’s not true. He’s never filed personal bankruptcy. He’s bought companies and legally used bankruptcy laws to restructure their debt, just as businesses do all the time. But he’s never been bankrupt personally. He’s a fighter that clearly loves America and would fight for our nation.

Earlier I quoted Trump saying, “I love America. And when you love something, you protect it passionately – fiercely, even.” We never hear that from Democrats or even from most Republicans.

Donald Trump is saying things that desperately need to be said but no other candidate has shown the fortitude to stand up and say them.

Before we criticize someone because of what the media is saying, maybe we should consider what they have to offer. What are they bringing to the table. Researching their background independently of what the news says. What’s their bio?? Wha’t Obama’s bio? If you researched him prior to becoming President, would you have hired him to work for you or run your business?

The idiocy of lists


It's comical watching to see what ALL of the candidates are doing regarding their crafting of plans to defend the homeland.

One thing that's been mentioned by a candidate that many love to hate, but that I am supporting is putting people on lists.

This is where the idiocy around lists comes into play, and this is NOT a Swipe at Mr Trump. In fact it's a compliment.

We're ALL ALREADY ON LISTS!!! There's nothing new! So what you're going to break muslims up into a list or collection of lists. What's the problem? There isn't one.

Why do I say there isn't a problem? Think really carefully...better still open your wallet or your purse or look at your emails...


You're on a list for drivers licenses, social security cards, prescriptions, credit cards, etc. OH and...ALL of those lists keep track of your race!! How do I know? Because I am on them as well, and even some of them ask for religious affiliations.

And monitoring? You're already being monitored!!! Everywhere you go there are cameras, there are people watching those cameras. There are cameras watching those people who are watching those cameras...and there are people watching those people watching those people who are watching those cameras...and so on and so on and so on.

The problem is that along the way of watching all those cameras and such, people make mistakes or are paid to ignore something and others get killed.

So now what the candidates are saying is simply they're going to be watching those lists a bit more carefully. I have zero problem with that.

You shouldn't have a problem with it either, unless you're doing something illegal, immoral or perhaps overly fattening, or if you're planning to overthrow a government or cause others harm, then you need to not only fear being on the list, you need to fear those who are willing to step up and make you an example of how to get rid of terrorists. That's what you need to fear. But as long as you're in the USA and you're not doing things to disrupt the lives and wellbeing of others, you should be just fine.

That's my .02 on this and I am fine with the Trump campaign using this as long as they give Michael Murdock, US NAVY VETERAN the credit for bringing it up.

People just don't get lists. But as one who has created hundreds if not thousands in my lifetime, I am good with them.

Thanks for taking time to read. By the way, when you read this, you will automatically be placed on a list of people that have read this.


MAKE AMERICA GREAT - Why a Million Bucks?

So, what’s the big deal about MAKEAMERICAGREAT.COM and what makes it worth a MILLION BUCKS?

Simply put…the ideal. Make AMERICA GREAT. In point of fact, America has ALWAYS been GREAT. Everyone is talking about making it GREAT again. It’s never lost its luster. If it had then many would pack up and move overseas, become ex-patriots, and would be happy to be throwing burning arrows back this way.

In point of fact, some do leave. Do they regret it? The answer is YES, they do. How do I know? Because I know plenty who go to places and when they come back they say “OH it’s SO GOOD TO BE BACK IN AMERICA”. Why? I ask them. “Well…it’s AMERICA, and it’s just how it feels and…and…” and then they jump back on the plane and go back to where they’re living now.

For me, AMERICA is an ideal of FREEDOM for ALL. It’s an ideal of RESPECT, HONOR, DIGNITY for ALL. It’s an ideal which allows us to walk down the street expressing our opinions against our government openly and not being killed off by the emperor of our country because that’s against the law.

BUT Make America Great is a slogan for those coming here from other places, when you become legal immigrants into the melting pot that is AMERICA and you assimilate into society while at the same time remembering your heritage but also that this is America and is many societies combined and playing together, you’ll feel part of the family here and eventually you’ll become a Citizen of this country and you may decide to stay permanently and then visit other places from here calling this your home. Millions have over time. Once you’re here, it kind of grows on you.

“Land where my Father died, land of the pilgrim’s pride, from every mountainside…Let Freedom Ring”

Those words resonate with me now that my father has truly died in this land. He was a US NAVY VETERAN who served Honorably as I did in his footsteps. He served 3 Tours in Vietnam and is now buried along with my Mother in Arlington National Cemetery. Their passing uncovered a real evil present within our country. One of disrespect of our Elders, many of them VETERANs of service to our country. Many afflicted by diseases brought on by their giving of their service to ensure all of our FREEDOM. They NEED OUR HELP. Read below as to why I am selling this domain, for how much, and what the purpose is.

My purpose in selling is the domain itself right now is simply a news article display site. Many people visit it, but it’s not doing what I envisioned it would do as I’ve not had the time or the money to create that vision into reality. So I wish to sell it forward to someone else who will take it and run with it around a vision of America being Great, or whatever they decide to use it for. Once it's theirs they can do as they wish.

The price for the site is $1,000,000.00 - Why so much? Where’s the value? That’s what you’ll be creating and as time goes along, you’ll realize so much more than the $1,000,000.00 that you’re investing.

The other reason is that the $1,000,000.00 will be used for a greater purpose, and you can be part of the greater purpose. There will be many Veterans provided food & clothing as a result of this sale, and one of the larger contributions will be the funding and launching of a 50 State wide program to HALT ELDER ABUSE in the USA. Not only in the larger care facilities, but the smaller ones as well. We’ll be offering services to help families get assistance from States that currently turn a blind eye to these problems and many of those being hurt are Veterans & their Spouses who may be in the facilities with them, as well as their families being charged exorbitant fees for care that is never delivered. I desire to change that in memory, in legacy of my parents who were BOTH taken advantage of by a famous care facility in Huntington Beach, CA.

To that end, I am asking for help in someone finding either a wealthy individual, a company, a corporation to purchase this domain name and once they do, they can do with it what they desire as I have another domain that I’ll be taking this mission of mine forward under.

Thank you for reading, and if you have any questions about this, please feel free to reach out to me by email to and I’ll get back in touch with you via email with answers to your questions.

I’d like to do this before this coming weekend as Thanksgiving is coming and it’s a perfect time to get some people clothed and fed. If you can help this out, I would be greatly appreciative of this.

Best regards,

Michael Murdock


Watching the debate this evening I began to wonder after I could in my head hear the boxing bell ring, just who was writing the questions that these moderators were using. Was it MICKEY MOUSE? NO, it wasn't. How do I know? Because even Mickey was shaking his head and saying "No Michael, not even GOOFY writes that badly!

A debate should be about things that really and truly matter to the AMERICAN PEOPLE. Not the people of other countries, but AMERICA.

Why should we vote for you? What is it that you bring to the table that is going to ensure we're a country of prosperity & safety?

What is it that you bring to the party of this life of freedom we enjoy, that will ensure our jobs are NOT shipped overseas because it's cheaper to do business over there than it is here?

Things like that.

Not who's suit looks worse or who wants to fight who or whether or not the Government should get into Fantasy Football or be the creator of 401K plans for people!!!

The candidates as well as WE THE PEOPLE are really tired of the crap that you mannequin wanna-be's put out to the airwaves through whatever method.

The only reason you do it is to get noticed, to incense people and it does absolutely nothing to actually convey to the people that which is really and truthfully news. This debate was a damn circus and it was very apparent how fed up the candidates are already with you people.

Remember, when one of them becomes President they're going to be holding your balls in one hand and a hammer in the other and yes that goes for the women commentators as well because Ladies...You're not men but you're trying so damned hard to be one that it's really scary. Hell at least Megyn Kelly had the audacity to be a real woman and get angered when she felt her womanhood was being questioned.

Do us all a favor and retire NOW because we're going after your advertisers and encouraging them to jump ship and invest their money into better places.

And GOP...DON'T allow CNBC to EVER do a debate again as this was really and truly nothing more than circle jerk with a lot of ring leaders and it did your candidates absolutely NO GOOD.

Michael Murdock, US NAVY VETERAN

Time Warner Cable - Huntington Beach, CA... @twc @twc_help

I would be rude and just write FUCK YOU in the title, but that would be inappropriate without raising some issues within this text.

I moved to Huntington Beach, in 2011 and from that point on, proceeded to get screwed by your company along the way for bills that were constantly being increased without explanations being given. Similar to the screwy healthcare being provided by Sunrise of Huntington Beach where they give meds without authorizations, and increase bills without explanations. You two should get into bed together, you might have a great time.

I get my day interrupted by some hack from a collections agency stating "I am looking for Michael Murdock to discuss a personal business matter" - FYI - that is a violation of the Fair Debt Collections Act and the FTC will be informed that you've authorized this action.

In 7-21 days after a service has been disconnected you send someone to collections? WTF??? After providing 4 years of spotty-assed service, turning OFF services for no reason because your repair people were in a hurry, multiple issues with DVR equipment and while you replaced the equipment after we had to find your offices because you kept closing and moving them, you don't credit the bill for the raise the damn thing.

Why doesn't the Federal Trade Commission run a scope up your asses and find out where your brains got hidden because you are screwing over the people of Southern California and no one has the balls to go up against you and say anything. just uncovered one very pissed off Disabled US NAVY VETERAN who has a knack for drawing attention to matters. Thanks for doing that, now we can get down to specifics and have a few other people hire some ambulance chasing lawyer out there who wants to make some bucks and SUE you people for ripping off your customers.

And what's really interesting is the bills you send out (Still waiting to receive my final bill thank you very fucking much), but the bills you send out with no explanations as to why there are increases, and when you're questioned about it at your wonderful offices, you say "Oh, we made a mistake, let us fix that, and that will credit on your next billing cycle, but you still owe what is on here, how would you like to pay? oh and can we offer you an upgrade to yadda yadda at the same time?"

LOUSY PHONE SERVICES - Only 30 blocked numbers allowed? In the digital age, should be more than 1000.
NO 100MB INTERNET SERVICES - only 10MB-50MB and NEVER consistent.
NO 300MB INTERNET SERVICES - although you claimed new equip would deliver this without issues. It never did, but you charged for it.

Raised BILL when I disconnected Phone services but told me the bill would not increase.
Outages every few months, no credits to bill for services not delivered, but bills increased.
Hell the only people who really give a damn are the techs out there and you're screwing them on their wages, their overtime, and their benefits too.

You should be shut the hell down by the FTC and be required to give back the last 4 years of payments to every single customer in Southern California for your crappy services. Come to think of it, I think I'll send a copy of this to the Governor's offices so maybe the State can dig into your drawers and see what the hell is going on and who is making the lion's share of cash there on the backs of customers who are getting screwed.




AT&T...Remember Me?

Dear AT&T,

A long time ago in a galaxy...well actually in San Francisco 2007, a good friend stood on a stage to announce a product which would change the world. I had one of those products. It was the very first iPhone. It came with an UNLIMITED DATA PLAN which I have been grandfathered into since that very first device.

Now, I have 3 devices, only 1 of them can use that grandfathered data plan because some idiot at the top of your food chain decided that even though there are those of us who have NEVER ABANDONED AT&T that you have to hold us by the balls and only allow us to have 1 device with unlimited data. There were others who threw you a finger and went to other companies and never came back but there are a few of us who have been with you since the beginning.

The LAST THING we want to see on our 1 device is ANYTHING SAYING OUR DATA WILL BE THROTTLED. Why? Because that's NOT part of our ORIGINAL CONTRACT and it's against the law. According to that little organization known as the Federal Trade Commission. do we resolve this? I'd love to know. Because after paying a bill ON TIME since back then, which is right around 8 years, I really get tired of being told I am approaching some kind of limit because my original contract specifies NO SUCH LIMITS and NO THROTTLING.




Arizona!!! We're HOME!

Thanks for those who watched the periscope earlier on twitter. Sorry if the video and sound was a bit whacky. ATT 4G LTE was the signal being used for it. I wanted to get the message out that this post was coming.

My dog and me have spent the past 4 years in Huntington Beach, CA. It's been a time that was filled with some joy, much sadness, immense loss on business, personal, financial, health level and I need your help to get back on track.

Business I had over $100K a year go away due to some interesting circumstances out of my control. It was either stay in a marriage or lose the business. I chose to lose the business. I'm happier as a result of that on a personal level. On a Personal level, I lost BOTH of my parents. Dad in 2013, Mom just this February in 2015. Between the parents, the divorce finalized after more than 1.5 years of delays.

On the 1st of April my Mother's funeral was held at Arlington National Cemetery. I was not able to attend due to an impending eviction process which has now ended with me liquidating more than $30,000 in physical goods which included much technology, as well as things that my family had left me dating back to 1965 when we lived in the Philippines and my Dad did 3 Tours of Duty in Vietnam. Those things are all in the hands of others and for prices which really hurt my heart because of a crooked HOA organization located at Seacliff on the Greens in Huntington Beach, CA. I am happy and blessed to be clear of that place & extremely grateful to be back in Arizona.

Here's what I need help with now. Cash is tight, and I'm hopping with my dog from Motel to Motel right now until I can get enough traction to pay rent for 1 year and get us into a space where we can get life back on track. To that end I have some domains which I am looking to move quickly for cash and looking to get these transactions done this week.

Why should you help? Simple. You'll make a LARGE commission on every sale you help me close. Once I am paid, you're paid. It's that simple. However, in addition to cash, you're going to get something even more valuable. You're going to get my time and you'll find having me available to you to discuss your business or life, we'll get things on track very quickly.

I know that someone out there amidst all that he's doing has the ear of Donald Trump. There are two domains which he should own and the price is very attractive. & both for $100,000.00. Your commission on this sale will be $20,000.00 leaving me and my dog $80,000.00. That money more than sustains us for the next 2.5 years with no issues, all expenses handled, and nothing else needed.

Something to note. It does not have to be TRUMP. WHOEVER comes up with the cash gets the prize. So if you find someone on the other side of the spectrum that wants them, make the connection. Sale closes, you get paid after I do. Simple. I do not like complex things in this arena. There's no reason for them. People make too much of a deal. Do the Deal, MOVE ON.

There are other names which if we can get between $5,000 - $8,000 per name, they'll give you an additional $1,000 in commission per sale closed. Any domain that is priced at the $1,000,000.00 level gets you a commission of $250,000.00.

And the amount of time you'll get from me is 3 one hour calls per week for 8 weeks. Within that time period we can change the world. Ideally the time will be spent discussing how you'll want to market the domain that was purchased but it can literally be about anything.

The sales process is simple. Once there's interest, their person will contact me and we'll arrange transfer of the money to my checking account at Chase Bank (details to be shared with that person directly). They'll deposit a portion of the money and the DNS (Domain Name Services) of the domain will be pointed to their hosting provider. Once they see that and the remainder of the money is transferred, the domain will be unlocked and released to them. They will OWN the domain, no refunds, and they can do with the domain what they desire.

Here's a list of the domains I am looking to move. I own them, they can be purchased and moved at any time. All prices listed are not a joke and are in US DOLLAR AMOUNTS.

$100,000.00 - & & I will throw in & 

$1,000,000.00 - - Apple WideInternet an idea Steve Jobs & I came up with
$1,000,000.00 - - is in a 90 day holding period so can be pointed until that time ends.
$1,000,000.00 - - anything4yourbusiness
$1,000,000.00 - includes for free.

$10,000.00 - - great name for a restaurant, a book or a restaurant website

$8,000.00 - - Great for a dating site or book title
$8,000.00 - - great for a book or seminar leader
$8,000.00 -

$5,000.00 - - includes
$5,000.00 - - Great for a website that delivers groceries or creating an app

$3,000.00 -
$3,000.00 -
$3,000.00 -
$3,000.00 -

$2,500.00 -
$2,500.00 -

This is enough for now. Something to note about the prices. Some will look and say "NO WAY" because they're not looking deep enough at the potential and the long term investment on these. One of these domains was used in a program that generated over $50,000 a month in revenue over the course of just one year. That's a value of $600,000 and that can easily be redone.

The Apple related domain name is something Steve Jobs & I talked about before the iPhone launched. It was fun to discuss things in our friendship of 24 years that no one knew about. The more we talked about this the idea came to me and I coined the term AppleWIdenet which was an Apple exclusive service network that would provide not just cellular service, but tv programming services as well to Apple account holders.

Ideally Tim Cook at Apple will purchase this for the full price of $1,000,000.00 which will allow me to launch my HALT ELDER ABUSE CAMPAIGN across this country as a legacy to my parents who were victims of that, Dad indirectly, Mom directly by a crooked healthcare organization that will remain nameless until that lawsuit hits the courts.

So dig deep into your connections books, see who you can come up with and serious offers for these will be entertained over the next few days. Ideally. these can close this week so that I can get down to the business of rebuilding my life and a life for my dog here in Arizona the right way.

If you have questions, please email with only serious offers. Truly serious offers send a fax with contact information for your bank manager to 480-320-4134 so that we can get things on the ball.

Thanks for taking time to read this and for helping me and my dog Sophie make a difference in many lives as a result of your kindness & connections.

Michael Murdock

GOD, Marriage, Beliefs and more...

I have to share something that really tweaks me. The Supreme Court ruling...God have mercy on them for all the things that they do when they do it. But this ruling basically shoves something into all of our faces and we're told to flat out accept marriage between same sex couples is the law of the land.

It's a lot like a group of people many years ago being told to drink some koolaid and that it was good for them and they'd just go to sleep. Well they did after following their leader, the place was Guyana.

Churches are now being asked to roll back thousands of years of history and to go against the word of God.

But...many don't believe in God. Well...if you don't believe in God then why would you want to go get married in a church? Why should you care where you get married at?

Oh and if you do research on this it's not called a marriage by some churches, it's called a Partnership. So why would you want to go get partnered (better change those invites quickly!!!) in a place where you don't believe something oh and wait for it...

"One of the partners in the partnership in order to be partnered in that place MUST BE A CHRISTIAN" What??? Wait!!! That's discrimination!!!

How can the Supreme Court do this and a church then say that I have to be something I don't believe in because I want to get partnered with so and so!!!

I can see the lawsuits flying and the ambulance chasers saying "OH BABY we gonna go to the SUPREME COURT!!” But when you get to the court they then say… Oh OOPS, we screwed up. Wait!!! That’s discrimination too!!! We’re going to go to…The WHITE HOUSE!!! OBAMA will make it law!!!

Here…sip this Kool Aid, you’re going to go to sleep…NO THANKS!!

Is there something in the water that only some of us are getting and maybe it's because those of us that are thinking straight are doing so because we're drinking Coca-Cola​ and killing off the poison in the water that's causing all the craziness??

I just have to check and see...

God watch over those that make the choice to couple as same sex couples and to partner as they desire with whomever they desire. You gave us all free will and what we do with that free will is of course our choice as you deemed, even for those who by choice say they do not believe. It's interesting that when a non-believer dies, that most of them are caught saying "God help me!" because all of a sudden at the end they get holier than thou and you can't talk them out of the existence of an almighty being known as God.

For all I pray because even though I am now spiritual more than the Catholic kid who was baptized into the church, raised in the church, who'd lift a few wafers, and drink some wine and read and sang and wore the priests robes just to see if I felt closer to God, would go and peek into the priests section in the confession booth to see the Batphone to heaven...(where was the priest getting all of those crib notes from!!!), I am still a believer in The Holy Trinity, and I am believer that when I die I will be called to stand and to account for all of my deeds in this lifetime and I pray that God will be merciful and allow me to live out eternity in Heaven with many others.

That's what I believe. I don't question your beliefs, because they are yours. Now, you know mine, and you don’t have to question them because they are here in writing, and I will never, ever deny them because what’s waiting beyond that very thin veil is so much more than this planet offers us. This is merely a garden we’ve been given an opportunity to play in, to enjoy, to share, and to leave better than when we arrived here.

I hope we start to do a much better job of that.

God Bless all who read this, whether you believe or not. Thank you for reading.

Michael Murdock​

Color doesn't matter...or does it?

This past week the news has been rocked by the story of #RachelDolezal a person born of two white parents who says "I identified as being black". 

My question is, HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE? You know nothing of the struggle of black people. You know nothing of being deprived as many black people are, you know nothing of having to walk the streets, sign up for various programs and hope your situation warrants you getting assistance for your family. You know NOTHING of being turned down for employment based on your skin color. YOU'RE WHITE!

As a white person who grew up around the globe (in the South Pacific & South China & Philippine Sea areas), I've seen many people of many colors having to deal with many issues. Now, a person who is white has basically snowballed the entire country into believing that she's not of her birth color. Have you seen her parents? GOD BLESS THEM for not executing her under any law for shaming her family as others have done in this country and around the world.

My questions are more around a legal nature. People in this country fight to get benefits and qualify for various programs. Did Ms. Dolezal at ANY time apply for and get approved for any assistance programs in the United States which were only for those who are black? If so, then she lied and she should be held accountable as those programs state when you sign that you are doing so under penalty of perjury, etc.

Now that she is getting her 15mins and then some of fame on the basis of a lie, how does that set the clock back even further? I can see MLK turning over in his grave saying "A WHITE WHAT????" "COME ON PEOPLE!!! I DIDN'T DIE FOR THIS!!"

I look at her and I see a white woman. She's not a dress which was created of black and blue yet people see white & gold. She is a WHITE WOMAN BORN OF WHITE PARENTS WHO LIED. If anyone else did this, you'd hold them accountable. Hold her accountable and lock her butt up in jail for lying and deceiving because that's exactly what she did.

What she did would be like me stepping up and saying "I AM BLACK, SO YOU NEED TO GIVE ALL YOUR MONEY HERE":

I will NOT do that because it would not be right. I have much too much respect for blacks and all that they go through now, have gone through over the years that I have been alive, and how much they'll go through in the future as a result of this woman and her deceit.

Wake Up America!!!! PLEASE!!! COLOR DOES MATTER!!! BE PROUD of WHO YOU ARE & WHO YOU WERE BORN AS. But do stop the barriers between colors because those are not productive. This woman did not break barriers, she made people more suspicious by lying and cheating the system.

Lastly, if she entered a University and on her application and all her documentation claimed she was black, she should have her degree revoked because she did not enter and complete her studies in integrity with the University standards.

Thanks for taking time to read & God Bless Us All.

#orangeroom #todayshow #RachelDolezal